Saturday, June 21, 2008

Freedom of speech and churches

Churches have passively given up their freedom of speech and freedom of religion when it comes to addressing the pressing political issues of our time.

I certainly don't think pastor's should turn their worship services into political forums, but pastor's should not have to be afraid of having his church taxed simply because he opposes a candidate who is fighting against Christian values. I, therefore, completely support this "Pulpit Initiative" from the Alliance Defence Fund:

Historically, churches have emphatically, and with great passion, spoken Scriptural truth from the pulpit about government and culture. Historians have stated that America owes its independence in great degree to the moral force of the pulpit. Pastors have proclaimed Scriptural truth throughout history on great moral issues such as slavery, women’s suffrage, child labor and prostitution. Pastors have also spoken from the pulpit with great frequency for and against various candidates for government office.

All that changed in 1954 with the passage of the “Johnson amendment” which restricted the right of churches and pastors to speak Scriptural truth about candidates for office. The Johnson amendment was proposed by then-Senator Lyndon Johnson, and it changed the Internal Revenue Code to prohibit churches and other non-profit organizations from supporting or opposing a candidate for office. After the Johnson amendment passed, churches faceda choice of either continuing their tradition of speaking out or silencing themselves in order to retain their church’s tax exemption. The Internal Revenue Service, in conjunction with radical organizations like Americans United for Separation of Church and State, have used the Johnson amendment to create an atmosphere of intimidation and fear for any church that dares to speak Scriptural truth about candidates for office or issues.

It is time for the intimidation and threats to end. Churches and pastors have a constitutional right to speak freely and truthfully from the pulpit – even on candidates and voting – without fearing loss of their tax exemption.We are seeking pastors to stand with us and once again reclaim their constitutional right to speak the Truth.

Learn more about how you can stand with us.

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