Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Drilling in ANWR

For years Democrats have kept us from drilling for oil in ANWR in Alaska. With the rise of oil prices, ANWR has been in the news again. What I’ve learned is that ANWR is pretty much a dark, frozen wasteland most of the year, and even in the brief times that it thaws out in the summer it soon becomes a mosquito infested swamp. Not exactly a vacation wonderland.

Of course, Democrats will argue that drilling up there will affect the migratory patters of caribou. Someone pointed out, however, that after drilling in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, the number of caribou in the area has actually risen significantly.

Finally, if ANWR was reduced to the size of the front page of the average newspaper, the actual proposed drilling area would only be the size of a single letter on that page! Not a paragraph or a phrase or a word. The drilling area would only be the size of a single letter!

Now I don’t know how much of this is true, but I do know one thing. If the Democrats had not kept us from drilling for oil in ANWR for all these years, just maybe we wouldn’t be paying over $4.00 for gasoline today.

Barack Obama and the Democrats still don’t get it. Why would you want to return them to Congress? And why would Democrats want to return people like this to Congress?

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Alcamadus said...

First, drilling off-shore or up in Alaska isn't a quick fix, or barely even a long term fix for the gas prices. It's reported that benefits may be possible in the next three years, but who knows what might happen then.
Second, I personally don't like the idea of keeping Big Oil alive. Part of me feels like this is a good thing so that we are reminded to start looking for alternative fuels and technology. It might take awhile, but we can't keep being crippled by Big Oil's monopolizing grasp.

With that said, there was one thing that did make me concerned, and that was hearing about Cuba and China teaming up and drilling in places that we wouldn't. It's pretty obvious that National Security comes before some special interest group Environmental concerns.

To digress, I read about a Democratic senator who was bashing Bush and calling the GOP the "Gas and Oil Party". He said he felt like Bush was just a vessel and spokesperson for Big Oil. Even if that was true, it would seem rather hypocritical for him to even talk about special interests. He is just as much guilty of supporting Environmentalists as Bush may be for Big Oil. Are Environmentalists any better? It's just a big, ugly power struggle between the two groups. Our democracy has been tainted by greed and power.