Friday, June 27, 2008

An appeal to Evangelical Christians

I’m appealing only to Evangelical Christians today. It seems to me that…

Those who think America is to blame for the world’s evil

Those who place the earth or animals on the same level of importance as people

Those who want to force Israel to make endless concessions to the terrorists sworn to kill them

Those who think conservative Christians are as bad as Muslim fundamentalists

Those who support the use of tax-payers’ money for anti-Christian hate “art” like a crucifix dipped in urine or the virgin Mary spattered with elephant dung

Those who fought to “enable” drug addicts by providing them with fresh needles

Those who support illegal behavior like mayors convicted of drug use Congresswomen who strike Capital Hill policemen, or Congressmen who hide illegally obtained money in their freezer

Those who oppose freedom of speech when they deem such speech to be politically incorrect

Those who oppose freedom of speech by disrupting speakers with whom they disagree

Those who fought to remove the Ten Commandments from courthouses

Those who fought to remove manger scenes from city squares and parks

Those who fought to keep Gideon Bibles from being distributed near public schools (even with parental consent)

Those who fought to remove Jesus from public school Christmas programs

Those who use the legal system to keep students from hearing that the world may have come into existence by design

Those who ran a Catholic adoption agency out of business simply because the agency wouldn’t adopt to homosexual couples

Those who fight against the Boy Scout’s right to use parks and other public places

Those who fight against student’s free speech right to bear witness to their faith at graduation ceremonies

Those who fight against military chaplains’ rights to pray “in Jesus’ name”

Those who fight to remove crosses from government parks and cemeteries

Those who fight to remove all signs of our nation’s Christian heritage from the public square and public schools, but are absolutely silent when tax money is used to support Islam in public schools

Those who fight to allow cross-dressing men to use your wives’ and daughters’ restrooms

Those who fight to make Christian preaching on homosexuality a hate crime, but turn a blind eye to the egregious anti-Christian hate-mongering by various homosexual groups

Those who use the force of law to compel religious organizations to hire people who behave in ways that their religion holds to be immoral

Those who use the force of law to compel private business owners to provide services that violate their religious convictions

Those who fight to force the country to accept same-sex marriage even above the objections of voters

Those who oppose regulation even of hardcore pornography like child pornography and the pornographic depiction of the torture of women

Those who oppose blocking pornography from public library computers that are accessible to children

Those who fight against the teaching of abstinence but promote teaching children how to use condoms

Those who support teaching public school children that dangerous, same-sex relationships are perfectly acceptable behavior, and that all who disagree are bigots

Those who oppose homeschooling or vouchers in their attempt keep your children from escaping those public schools that are educationally sub-standard, or exhibit anti-Christian bigotry/indoctrination, or are drug infested, or are just plain violent

Those who fight for the “right” to kill unborn babies—even unborn babies who are partially born…

Those who support these issues are almost always Democrats! Of course, not all Democrats agree with all of the points above, but if you asked people in an audience to raise their hand if they support any one of these issues, there is little doubt that the overwhelming majority of “those” in each case would be Democrats!

I’m not suggesting that the Republican Party is the solution to our problems. Evangelicals know that the underlying problem is spiritual and the only real solution would be something like another Great Awakening.

But in our national descent into decadence, Barack Obama and the Democrats will lead us into a freefall whereas John McCain and the Republicans are at least something of a parachute to slow the decline…or, if you prefer, salt to slow the decay (Matthew 5:13).

That being the case, I am at a loss to understand how Evangelical Christians can vote Democrat with a clear conscience. If it is because you think Democrats are more socially compassionate or environmentally minded, then come over from the dark side and help make the Republicans more compassionate and environmentally minded. But please, please, don’t give your support to a party that has been taken over by so many who are, at their core, both immoral and anti- Christian.


St.Lee said...

A few years ago I remember hearing that only a very small percentage of those who claim to be born again showed any signs from their lifestyle that they really were. I don't recall whether it was a poll or a study of some sort, nor do I remember who put the statement out, but I tend to believe it. If it is true, it sure helps explain why our country is in the state it is today.

By the way, I followed your link about the Great Awakening. I was relieved to see that someone else finds Jonathan Edwards' writings a bit dry. I was afraid it was just me.

L'oiseau said...

Both parties are run by anti-moral anti-Christian people, one party just caters to Christians slightly to get votes, and the other doesn't so much.

I could make a "moral" list like your about Republican policies in the Iraq war alone that would be miles long.

apettythief said...

Please do, Birdie- delineating these things makes it easier to pinpoint them.

L'oiseau said...

I will because "tu parle francais" or else you looked it up :)

1. Bush lied that Iraq was associated with Al Qaeda.

2. It is not a defensive war, but an offensive attack. "Because the war in Iraq was not defensive, U.S. soldiers – many of whom would claim to be Christians – cannot claim to be acting in self-defense when they gun down Iraqis. They are invaders and occupiers, not liberators and peacekeepers. It is unfortunate that many Americans have the idea that a terrorist is anyone who detonates a bomb but doesn’t wear an air force uniform. The Bible says in Colossians 3:23: "And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men." Bombing, killing, maiming, and interrogating for the state cannot be done heartily in the name of the Lord. Christians who do these things in the service of the state do them unto men – men like Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Perle, Powell, and the other architects of the Iraq war – they do not do them for the glory of God or even for the American people. The war in Iraq has made not made us more secure. To the contrary, it has intensified the hatred that many foreigners around the world have for Americans, and has created terrorists faster than we can kill them." -Laurence M. Vance

3. Many Americans and many more innocent Iraqis have died as a result. This is murder.

4. The President and Republicans are consistently voting against better care during the war, and post-war for veterans. (McCain included)

5. This is resulting in the deaths of soldiers because of their surroundings (many have been electrocuted in the shower because of shoddy piping, etc.)

6. It has also resulted in an overload of post-war suicides from veterans who were not given psychological treatment.

7. We have also had soldiers commit haneous crimes such as rape, murder, mocking and beating children, and torture of prisoners of war all at the hands of Bush's Administration.

8. Bush himself signed documents that would allow American citizens to torture POWs.

9. The Iraq war was "preventive" and not "pre-emptive". It has been compared to the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese in that regard, which has gone down in history as an act of dishonorable treachery.

10. Bush lied that Iraq most definitely had WMDs.

11. There are actually documented 935 lies that the Bush Administration told in the two years prior to 9-11, so I won't list them all here. I linked to them in another of your threads.

12. Republicans consistently vote in favor of cluster bombs which kill more innocent civilians and children than anyone else.

13. "It is supremely ironic and hypocritical that American, British and coalition troops used weapons of mass destruction on a devastating scale in searching for non-existent weapons of mass destruction in Iraq." - Paul Surlis He is speaking of the MOAB which cannot be used as a precision weapon as it completely annihilates everything in its 1,000 foot diameter; vegetation, animals, and people.

14. There was no plan for a post-
Saddam Iraq, and so sect rivalries have surfaced and are clearly becoming harder and harder to stop. This horrible lack of foresight and planning is resulting in more death and destruction in Iraq.

15. American success at this point does not equal success for the Iraqi people, it equals America being in Iraq for a hundred years as McCain has alluded to. Our administration is too prideful and arrogant to think of anyone but themselves and anything but their legacy. That is why they keep fighting.

16. Countless children have lost their parents, brothers, sisters, friends, and limbs in this war.

17. Countless parents have lost their children.

18. The war in Iraq could be perceived as some kind of Holy Crusade, Christianity v. Muslims, which would be entirely anti-biblical.

19. Or we may just be there for oil. Oil.

20. Many soldiers have resisted the war on the grounds of the Nuremburg Principles pioneered by U.S. prosecutors during Nazi war crimes trials after World War II and adopted by the United Nations General Assembly (and the United States) in 1950. These principles hold soldiers and governments liable for crimes against peace.

21. Many Catholic leaders have spoken out against the war, but Evangelical leaders in America stay silent. I can only assume because they must agree with the party that hates abortions and homosexuals but has done nothing to dissuade either.

22. The cost of this war has been astronomical. That means that my money and your money has gone to support and pay for all these aforementioned atrocities.

23. Procedures in Iraq are horrifying. Soldiers are told to shoot a "warning shot" on the ground at any car they see coming toward them. Some shoot even if the car has stopped in order for them to pass. They are also told to simply run over dead bodies of Iraqis that are in the road. If they don't want to take pictures first.

24. "The veterans spoke about extremely lax rules of engagement handed down by commanding officers, which they said virtually guaranteed atrocities would be committed, and which in turn created a violent backlash among Iraqi people and a continued cycle of violence."

25. This war has made the hate Muslims have for America and Christians even deeper.

26. "Bush advocated and used 'bunker busting bombs' filled with high density, depleted uranium which creates deadly radiation in Iraq that lasts for centuries. Experts say it creates mutations and cancer defects not only in the people and future children of Iraq, but it creates horrific consequences for the children of our U.S. soldiers who breathe its deadly contents daily while policing Baghdad."

27. Bush decided to give up golf in order to empathize with the mother and fathers who have lost sons and daughters in Iraq and Afghanistan. This act alone shows how he has no understanding of what he has done.

28. "As a result of economic sanctions against Iraq, the prevention of the delivery of much-needed medical and other supplies because of US vetoes in the U.N. Security Council, and the carcinogenic effects of depleted uranium left over from the 1991 Gulf Slaughter, over a million people (two-thirds of them children) have died (this figure is over and above the death rate which would have been expected without sanctions). This policy by the US and Britain has truly been genocidal, and no amount of hypocritical moral posturing on the part of George W. Bush and Tony Blair can disguise this."

29. "And war is always good for those companies which manufacture weapons (in collusion with governments). For such companies the death and destruction which results is of no concern. In this case there is an extra bonus: the profits to be made from contracts to "reconstruct" Iraq. Even before the war began the Bush administration had awarded contracts worth billions of dollars to large American companies, principally Bechtel and Halliburton (whose chief executive until 2000 was Dick Cheney). And who will pay for this "reconstruction"? The US is hoping that the Europeans and Japanese will pay most of the costs, but more likely it will be the US taxpayer who foots the bills from these American companies."

30. The blame for this is on every American citizen since we are a Democracy.

I could go on, but I think I'm about even with the original list now.

St.Lee said...

l'oiseau, I just have one question. Does it get kinda hot under that tinfoil hat? :-)

Dennis said...


It is tempting to dissect your list but I think you could have saved yourself a lot of trouble by just saying, "I don't like the war," because you've basically just made one pont 30 times over. I could have done the same thing with abortion (see my 40+ posts on abortion).

One thing that bothers me about all this anti-war rhetoric is not that we disagree (it is certainly legitimate to disagree about the war), but that the anti-war crowd seems to place the entire blame for the war at the feet of George if he alone was responsible.

I never hear the anti-war (hereafter abreviated as AW) crowd giving Bush a break because he relied on a Clinton appointee who was head of the CIA.

I never hear the AW crowd place some blame for the war on Saddam Hussein for the WMD he used on his own people resulting in thousands of deaths.

I hear the AW crowd condemn Saddam Hussein for attacking Kuwait which is what set this mess in motion in the first place.

I never hear the AW crowd place some blame for the war on Saddam Hussein for deliberately leading the West to believe he still had WMD.

I never hear the AW crowd condemn the UN oil for food scandal which contributed to the war.

I never hear the AW crowd blame Saddam Hussein for being in violation of international law for so many years.

I never hear the AW crowd condemn Iran or Syria for sending troops in to fight Americans.

I never hear the anti-war crowd condemn Bill Clinton for the wars or raids he conducted in Somolia, Iraq and Bosnia(we're STILL in Bosnia, aren't we?).

I never hear the anti-war crowd condemning the Democrats in Congress for approving the war.

In fact, I never hear the AW crowd blame the Muslims who are actually killing our troops and Iraqi Muslims!

The AW crowd makes it sound like American monsters are slaughering innocent Iraqi's when in fact we are fighting those who want to return Iraq to slavery and who massacre anyone in their way even Iraqi Muslim women and children!

If we had really wanted a quick war in Iraq with very few America casulties, we could have had it.

All we had to do is level their cities like we did to Germany in WWII. But we didn't want to kill any more innocent Iraqi citizens than absolutely necessary in the course of any war.

It was our concern for innocent Iraqi citizens that prolonges this war! But the Muslim extremints don't give a crap about innocent people! I understand that. But what I really don't understand is why the AW crowd insists on blaming it ALL on Bush, as if the Muslim extremists have nothing to do with it.

It seems like the ONLY ones the AW crowd ever blame are those in the Bush administration.

Now why is that? I mean, its OK to disagree on the war, but when the AW crowd frames the issue as listed above, they make it look like they are really traitors who want to undermine America. I'm not calling you a traitor at all, but I really wonder about the leadership in some groups like Code Pink or similar organizations.

Since you are a Christian and since you seem to be opposed to all war, I'm curious about what you think about the fact that Jesus celebrated Hanakkuh...a festival commorating the military defeat of the Syrians by a band of Jewish warriors.

And I'm especially curious about what you do with Hebrews 11:30, 32-34:

"By faith the walls of Jericho fell...I do not have time to tell about Gideon, Barak, Samson, Jephthah, David, Samuel [all military leaders] and the prophets who through faith conquered kingdoms...and who became powerful in battle and routed foreign armies." The words above in brackets are mine.

Finally, although we often seem to disagree so strongly, I want to thank you again for always disagreeing agreeably. You never attack your opponents personally and you never call names. I enjoy debating with you.

Robert said...

L'oiseau -

While I would tend to agree that both parties have their examples of anti-Christian behavior, I think it's pretty clear that the Democrats are the home of modern secularism. Visit any message board that is a hotbed of leftist ideology, bring up religion, and I think you and I both know what the result will be.

I think fundamentally the Democrats have chosen a platform that is incompatible with the Christian message. Through some semantic games and some stretches you can occasionally equate a leftist policy or two with Christ's mission, but more often than not, it's opposed.

Though, if you're searching for a party that really exudes the Christian message, you're going to be disappointed. It's going to be a candidate by candidate basis. That said, if the candidate is a Democrat, you can almost be assured that they'll be on the secular side whereas the Republican may have a shot.

jazzycat said...

Well said Robert. That is why I label myself as an "anti-democrat." The best shot at defeating this Godless party right now is through the Republican party. Christian discernment does not lead one to the democratic party as Dennis comphrehensive list shows makes clear.