Wednesday, June 11, 2008

America, an imperial power

Congressman Keith Ellison recently made a speech in which he called America an imperial power! (LGF). That’s an amazing charge considering the fact that historically, Ellison’s Muslim religion has been one of the most imperialistic powers in the history of the world.

It started with Muhammad himself who “took part personally in twenty-seven” raids and “actually fought in nine engagements” (Ibn Ishaq, 659-660) and whose last command was that all other religions be extinguished from Arabia.

After Muhammad’s death in AD 632, his disciples followed his example as a warrior, and obeyed his commands to fight the “infidels.” By 635 Muslim armies conquered Damascus. By 636 they had subdued large parts of Iraq. They conquered Jerusalem in 638, Caesarea in 641, Armenia and Egypt in 643. By 709 they had conquered all of North Africa. By 711 they had conquered Spain and were moving into France.

Later Muslim armies invaded Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. Look at the territory covered between Spain and India on your world map—It makes Europe look small!

The peoples conquered by the Muslims were given three choices: 1) convert to Islam, 2) accept the humiliating rules and taxes of dhimmi status, or 3) be slaughtered. As recently as the early 1900’s, 1.5 million Armenians were slaughtered in jihad and in more recent times literally millions of others have died at the hands of jihadists (See Spencer, Robert. Onward Muslim Soldiers. Washington DC : Regnery, 2003, 168-169, 174-175, 180-184).


professor ed said...

Dennis this is an interesting post. I ask but one clarification. Is it correct to say the Muslims conquored all of Spain, given the following information from Britannica On-Line:
Despite ongoing warfare among its various Christian kingdoms, a recurring theme in Christian Spain from the Islamic invasion of the 8th century to the coming of the Catholic Monarchs, Ferdinand and Isabella, in the late 15th century was the unification of the Iberian Peninsula under Christian rule. The Islamic conquest disrupted whatever measure of unity the Visigoths had achieved and raised new religious, cultural, legal, linguistic, and ethnic barriers to assimilation with the native population. A number of tiny Christian states eventually rose from obscurity in the northern mountains and, prompted by self-preservation and religio-cultural hostility toward Islam, initiated the Reconquista (Reconquest).

Dennis said...

My understanding is that some Christians fled the Muslim invasions and went to the mountains in north and west Spain, but for the most part, there is no doubt that Muslims were in firmly control of the vast majority of Spain. The Britannica quote you cited even says these were “tiny” Christian states.

There is a widespread myth that Muslim Spain was really a model of multicultural tolerance. That’s like saying that the post-slavery south was a model of tolerance because African Americans were allowed to ride in the bus (even though they had to sit in the back) and often had their own churches and public restrooms!

The fact is that Christians in Muslim Spain were second class citizens, they could not share their faith, some where publically beaten and even executed for offending Muslim sensibilities. In 1066 hundreds, if not thousands of Jews were killed by rioting Muslim mobs. In 1126 “several thousand Christians were sent to Morocco to serve as slaves.” And all Christians and Jews had to pay the jizya, a protection tax to ensure that Muslims wouldn’t kill them (like how the mafia extorts protection money from businesses to make sure that their places of business are not blown up)! It absolutely astounds me that some modern writers today try to pretend as if this was “tolerant.”