Saturday, May 17, 2008

Women's health, radical feminists and James Dobson

I remember, probably more than 20 years ago, when radical feminists were venting their venom on Dr. James Dobson for his teaching that men and women were fundamentally different. The radical feminists publically berated Dr. Dobson, insisting that apart from the obvious differences in sex organs, men and women were biologically identical. This, of course, was not biology, but political ideology, and fortunately for women, the radical feminist view has finally been recognized to be laughably absurd.

The irony is that the radical feminists actually hurt women! This morning CNN had a special report on health issues facing women, especially when it comes to heart disease.
We can only wonder how much farther the field of women’s medicine might have advanced by now if not for the radical feminists’ insistence that men and women were the same, since anyone who dared to challenge their nonsense could expect the same pubic character assassination they committed against Dr. Dobson (I think they owe him—and women—an apology).

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