Sunday, May 11, 2008

What did Obama know...

Barack Obama has been trying to distance himself from his pastor, Jeremiah Wright’s racist and anti-American views. After examining Wright’s newmagazine, the Trumpet, however, Stanley Kurtz asks, “What did Barack Obama know and when did he know it?” Excerpts from Kurtz' excellent article appear below but please read the entire article at the Weekly Standard.

I answer, Obama knew everything, and he's known it for ages…A careful
reading of nearly a year's worth of Trumpet Newsmagazine, Wright's glossy national "lifestyle magazine for the socially conscious," makes it next to impossible to conclude otherwise.

Glance through even a single issue of Trumpet, and Wright's radical politics are everywhere--in the pictures, the headlines, the highlighted quotations, and above all in the articles themselves.

It seems inconceivable that, in 20 years, Obama would never have picked up a copy of Trumpet. In fact, Obama himself graced the cover at least once…

Trumpet provides a rounded picture of Wright's views, and what it shows unmistakably is that the now-infamous YouTube snippets from Wright's sermons are authentic reflections of his core political and theological beliefs.

…others might argue that "in context," Wright's prophetic denunciations actually prove his love of country. Unfortunately, neither Wright nor any of the other regular Trumpet columnists displays a trace of this "I'm denouncing you because I love you" stance. On the contrary, the pages of Trumpet resonate with enraged criticism of the United States. Indeed, they feature explicit repudiations of even the most basic
expressions of American patriotism…

Again and again, Wright makes the point that America's criminality and racism are not aberrations but of the essence of the nation, that they are every bit as alive today as during the slave era, and that America is therefore no better than the worst international offenders:

There can be no mistaking it. What did Barack Obama know and when did he know it? Everything. Always.

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