Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Obama and racism

LGF has posted a picture of the front page of Jeremiah Wright's (Obama's pastor) Trumpet magazine which includes pictures of Barack Obama and the arch-racist hate-monger Louis Farrakhan on the same cover. This makes it virtually impossible to believe that Barack Obama did not know what was being taught in the church he attended for 20 years!

If John McCain had been found to have been associated with a racist, white supremacist church for even 20 months, much less 20 years, the campaign would be over and he would be out.

But Leftists play by different rules. Many of them seem willing to give a pass to black supremacy while condemning white supremacy--and rightly so--in the strongest terms.

Make no mistake about it. Black supremacy is just as vile and racist as white supremacy, and those who give a pass to either group are themselves racist.


jazzycat said...

Perhaps he was on a 57 state tour and missed that issue!

Dennis said...

Good point, Jazzycat! Can you imagine if John McCain had made that blunder. ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS and CNN would have used it for days to suggest that he was too old to be president. Yet Obama gets a pass on a mistake than most 5th graders would never make!

professor ed said...

The "Left" has always played by different rules. This is partly due to the G.O.P.'s desire to publicly embrace a foundation of "family values". Thus when a Republican senator/house member strays from the straight and narrow, he/she can expect to resign, with whatever honor they can slavage, or hang on until their inevitable defeat in the next election; usually by a secular-centered democrat challenger. As one vivid illustration, just look at the respective situations of Tom Foley and Barney Franks. I rest my case.

Brent said...

John McSame has called the media "my base". I don't think that exactly means they've been too hard on him.