Thursday, May 22, 2008

Government takeover of oil companies

I just saw a news clip of an exchange between oil executives who are being grilled (or fried!) on Capitol Hill, and Democrate Congresswomen Maxine Waters. One oil executive said that if oil companies are not allowed to explore new areas for oil drilling, the price of gas will eventually exceed $5.00 per gallon. Ms. Waters responded saying that in that event she would push for a government takover of the oil industry!

A government takover of the oil industry? That sounds Hugo Chavez or the former Soviet Union! What on earth makes Ms. Waters think the govenment can do a better job running multinational oil companies than it did with Hurricane Katrina, social security, or the war in Iraq?


Kevin said...

Congressional hearings tend to show is how completely stupid our elected officials are... which of course says something about the people who elect them.

Please note that really what Ms. Waters said was that she would propose violating the Constitution by seizing the assets of a private organization in order to address economic concerns (concerns that the professionals have proposed solutions to). I wonder what other reasons Ms. Waters would suggest we completely disregard the rights of citizens.

jazzycat said...

Most of the time liberal democrats conceal their Marxist leanings, but every now and then they show their true feelings clearly. I am not surprised.

What in the world do we think Obama meant recently when he says we can't eat as much as we want or be as cool as we want, etc. because of the poverty in the rest of the world! Quite simply because he believes the prospertity of the world should be equally distributed. He is not going to be quite as blunt as Maxine Waters, but what other conclusion can you draw from his statement to a receptive liberal audience. Maxine Waters has no power, but Obama could potentially have great power..........