Thursday, May 15, 2008


I just received this e-mail from Tony Perkins and the Family Research Council:

FRC and pro-family Americans face a grave and immediate challenge-and we need your help now to defend our faith, families, and freedom.

Led by Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA), Senate liberals are poised to renew their push for passage of a bill that will turn the federal government into a weapon to beat churches and employers into accepting homosexual behavior as normal-even good.

Under the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), the government will no longer be a neutral observer. Instead, it will become a tool that homosexual activists will use-at taxpayer expense-to torment employers and co-workers who object to their lifestyle.

Please act now! Ted Kennedy and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) could
bring up ENDA for a Senate vote soon!

If ENDA becomes law, the victims of its government-sponsored harassment churches, religious schools, and private employers-will have to choose . . . . .either abandon their religious convictions or face financial ruin defending themselves.

Some states already are tormenting private employers on behalf of homosexuals!
New Mexico authorities fined a wedding photographer nearly $7,000 because she
remained faithful to her Christian values rather than photograph a lesbian's
"commitment ceremony!"

Kodak fired a loyal 21-year employee who objected to pro-homosexual indoctrination and refused to attend "diversity" re-education.

Sandia National Laboratories forced Christian workers to remove Bible verses and Photos of their traditional families so that homosexual employees wouldn't be offended.

ENDA would create a federal version of these policies-and a national nightmare that would force people of faith to abandon their values . . . or face harsh discipline!

Your support for FRC now will help our respected, influential experts expose the
dangers of such legislation on Capitol Hill. ENDA has been stopped before. It must be
stopped now.

Click here to contact your congressperson.

UPDATE: I just sent the following e-mail to my U.S. Senator:

Please oppose the ENDA bill unless it is revised to provide total exemption for all religious organizations (schools, churches, synagogues, mission organizations, religious social service organizations etc).

The very limited protection for churches and schools in the current bill does not protect Freedom of Religion.

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