Thursday, May 15, 2008

Edwards on bringing America together

When John Edwards endorced Obama for president he said, there is one man who knows how to bring America together and that is Barack Obama. Maybe Edwards was thinking that Obama would be able to bring the far Left together because it is an undeniable fact that Obama will not bring America together!

To the dismay of many Republicans, it is actually John McCain who has the track record of working with members of the other party. McCain has even promised to include Democrats in his administration! In fact, I think some of us on the right are beginning to wonder whether we actually have three Democrats running for President!

By contrast, Barack Obama is a far Left political ideologue who in real life, will not bring Americans together but will make the division even worse than it is now. If you really want a compromise candidate, there is only one choice: John McCain.

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St.Lee said...

I have been thinking the same thing about 3 Democrats running for president. In fact, Brent, when commenting, likes to call McCain either John McBush or John McSame. In the interest of accuracy, I think he should change it to McClinton or McBama.