Saturday, May 17, 2008

Bush: Islam a peaceful religion

President Bush recently said, "I've got to do a better job of making it clear when I talk about Islam, I talk about a peaceful religion..."

Mr. President, there are certainly many peaceful Muslims in the world, and some Muslim countries are quite peaceful, and there have been times of relatively peaceful periods in Islamic history, but it is an undeniable historical fact that Islam is NOT a peaceful religion!

Muhammad himself was a warrior who personally engaged in battles and whose armies slaughtered thousands! These were not just battles in self-defense, as some would like to contend. This was shear Islamic imperialism. Muhammd's last command was that there should be no two religions left in Arabia! That was not a command of self-defense.

After Muhammad’s death in AD 632, his disciples followed his imperialist example and obeyed his commands to fight the “infidels.” By 635 Muslim armies conquered Damascus. By 636 they had subdued large parts of Iraq. They conquered Jerusalem in 638, Caesarea in 641, Armenia and Egypt in 643. By 709 they had conquered all of North Africa! By 711 they had conquered Spain and were moving into France. Later Muslim armies invaded Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.

The peoples conquered by the Muslims were given three choices: 1) accept the humiliating rules and taxes of dhimmi status (only available to "people of the Book"), 2) convert to Islam, 2) or 3) die. As recently as the early 1900’s, 1.5 million Armenians were slaughtered in jihad and in more recent times literally millions of others have died at the hands of jihadists.

Yes there are, and always have been, peaceful Muslims. But Islam is absolutely NOT a peaceful religion. Anyone who tells you otherwise either does not know Islamic history or is blowing smoke in your face! America is not well served by covering up the truth in the name of political correctness.

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Connie said...

Agree. Maybe President Bush thinks if he says it often enough, it will become peaceful. Perhaps he doesn't think so, but is using it as a political ploy. But whatever the case, Islam did not have a peaceful beginning or a peaceful "prophet." The only "peaceful" Islam is that which occurs when Islam is the ruling power with all other religions submitting to its law (and even then, Muslims kill other Muslims indiscriminately).

Islam should be placed in the historical dumpster of bad ideas.