Sunday, April 06, 2008

Pregnant Pizza Hut worker

For five weeks Hillary Clinton has been telling a tragic story of a poor Pizza Hut worker, making minimum wage, who encounterd complications with her pregnancy. The woman went to the hospital but because she was uninsured and didn't have $100, she was turned away.

Ms. Clinton told this story over and over again saying, “It hurts me that in our country, as rich and good of a country as we are, this young woman and her baby died because she couldn’t come up with $100 to see the doctor” (New York Times).

It would hurt me too. The only problem is, the story is not true! The woman was not turned away and in fact, she even had insurance! So I wonder how many people Hillary convinced to buy into her socialist health care scheme all based on an emotional story which is just not true.


vicit said...

So, with over 100 million murdered at the hands of Socialist Totalitarian governments in this century, liberals STILL think its a good thing to "tinker" with it in the US... And with incredible dissatisfaction and a greatly reduced quality of health care in countries with socialized medicine liberals still think its a great idea.

Its no surprise that liberals think with hysterics rather than their minds, but its just rotten when they are intellectually dishonest or in many cases, just lie.

To care for the sick is compassion, to look at your neighbors and steal their money through taxation to care for the sick is THE SIN OF COVET.

p.s. My wife and I just had a child with no insurance, we were not forced to pay a dime, and the $9,000 bill was reduced $1,600 by simply filling out some paperwork. They even made the repayments in easy monthly installments...

Lord Kavi said...

Hi Dennis,
Do you still remember me? ;) I did buy Schroeder's "The Hidden Face of God" under your influence and recieved it yesterday!
You know its hard for us to buy books online in Iran, but I did it for the sake of truth and desire you inspired me!
I dont know when I would start it, these days I'm so busy, but I'll call you when it finished. ;)

Thanks so much for learning me something new!

Lord Kavi

Dennis said...

lord Kavi,

Great! I hope you enjoy it! Did I ever tell you I've been to your country? It was a long time ago, back in the late 70's. I absolutely love that gigantic mountain just north of Tehran!