Thursday, April 17, 2008

Illegal prayer

It is apparently OK in America to have state-funded Islamic schools in Minnesota and New York, or tax-funded Muslim foot washing basins, at Normandale Community College, Savannah State and the University of Michigan. It is also apparently OK for public schools to require students to “roll play” Islam in California and Oregon.

But when a football coach bowed his head during a long-standing tradition of student-led prayer before a football game, a federal appeals court found that he was in violation of the law!!!

Is it any wonder that many of us think that the Left-wing’s view of separation of church and state has been an anti-Christian sham?

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Brent said...

I agree with you here. According to another article I found, a judge who wrote a concurring opinion wrote that the coach should "not be required to keep his head erect or turn his back or stand and walk away" when the team prays since that could be seen as "hostility to religion." Coaches, take note: you better be able to hold perfectly still or you could lose your job.