Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Freedom of speech attacked on campus

Yesterday I received a newsletter entitled “Silencing Faith on Campus” which said:
Five years ago, Emily Brooker enrolled at Missouri State University (MSU) to study social work. For her, college was a time of spiritual growth and testing that climaxed during her last semester, when her professors ordered Emily’s class to become “lobbyists” for homosexual behavior by writing letters to the Missouri legislature, encouraging lawmakers to recognize adoption by same-sex couples. Emily respectfully asked for an alternative assignment, explaining to her professor that this one ran counter to her deep religious beliefs. The request was not well received. Her professor filed a ‘level 3’ grievance against Emily—the stiffest charge a faculty member can make against a student.”

“To answer the grievance, Emily was required to appear alone—no parents, no lawyer—before a department ‘ethics’ committee.”
The committee apparently had the authority to not only fail her in the class, but to keep her from graduating. Fortunately, the Alliance Defense Fund stepped and put a stop to it.

The newsletter also listed other examples of blatant anti-Christian attacks in our publically funded universities: “At Savannah State, members of a Christian club were put on suspension for washing each other’s feet during a worship service—school officials called that ‘hazing’ and harassment.” [Isn’t it interesting how some state colleges are using tax payer money to fund Muslim footwashing facilities, but when Christians do it, its is “hazing.”]

“At the University of Wisconsin—Superior, administrators denied InterVarsity Christian Felloswhip…access to campus facilities after accusing the members of violating the school ‘anti-discrimination’ policy by not allowing non-Christians to serve in leadership positions.” [Hmmm, I wonder if the brilliant administrators at the U. of Wisconsin required Muslim groups to have Christian leaders or for Atheist groups to have Muslim leaders, or for Democratic groups to have Republican leaders! How stupid—or hateful—can some people get?]

“At the University of Wisconsin—Eau Claire, university officials forbade RAs…to lead a Bible study—even with just one other person—in their own dorm room. (Beer parties were permitted.)”

The newsletter said that “In at least 230 public universities across the country, institutional policies are in effect that can sharply curtail Christian activity and limit the spread of the Gospel."

It is amazing that university officials, who undoubtedly think of themselves as tolerant and liberal-minded, can be so intolerant, hateful, and un-liberal. It is also amazing that we have such full-blown assault on freedom of speech and freedom of religion going on in state-run institutions, and yet the major media outlets are totally asleep at the switch.

Fortunately, Alliance Defense Fund is helping to fight such university fascism. If you give to charity, the Alliance Defense Fund is a worthy organization.


professor ed said...

May I also recommend The Christian Law Association at:

L'oiseau said...

Cool, I will definitely consider donating to them. It sounds like they are definitely helping worthy causes :)

I agree that the anti-Christian sentiment in universities is weird. There's lots of anti-religiousness in our culture though. Just as there is anti-atheism. I mean, the fact that one of the presidential candidates was thought to be Muslim, and that was supposed to be derogatory, is sad.

Dennis said...


We are certainly not at war with all Muslims, but we are at war with the more radical variety.

That being the case, and given Obama's Muslim schooling, don't you think it was a legitimate question to ask whether he was a Muslim--and IF the answer had been yes, to ask whether he agreed with the millions of Muslims who believe that it is their duty to bring the world into submission to Allah, peacefully if possible, forcefully if necessary?

L'oiseau said...

Obama was not schooled in a Muslim school, it was a Catholic school. So, no.

Dennis said...


Actually, Obama attended two schools in Indonesia. But technically, you are right. Obama did not attend a Muslim school. He attended a "public school" in Indonesia, which is the largest Muslim country in the world.

According to an article in the Jerusalem Post:

"Obama's Catholic school in Jakarta: Nedra Pickler of the Associated Press reports that "documents showed he enrolled as a Muslim" while at a Catholic school during first through third grades. Kim Barker of The Chicago Tribune confirms that Obama was "listed as a Muslim on the registration form for the Catholic school."

"The public school: Paul Watson of The Los Angeles Times learned from Indonesians familiar with Obama when he lived in Jakarta that he "was registered by his family as a Muslim at both schools he attended." Haroon Siddiqui of The Toronto Star visited the Jakarta public school Obama attended and found that "Three of his teachers have said he was enrolled as a Muslim."

"Barack Obama's public school in Jakarta, Koran class: In his autobiography, Dreams of My Father, Obama relates how he got into trouble for making faces during Koran studies."

So let me ask again, given this background, don't you think it was a legitimate question to ask whether he was a Muslim--and IF the answer had been yes, to ask whether he agreed with the millions of Muslims who believe that it is their duty to bring the world into submission to Allah, peacefully if possible, forcefully if necessary?

L'oiseau said...,0,6496135.story

"But initial reports have distorted the reality of the four years Obama spent in Indonesia, from 1967 to 1971. In fact, Obama's religious upbringing in Indonesia depended more on the conventions of the schools he attended than on any decision by him, his mother or his stepfather. When he was at a Catholic school for three years, he prayed as a Catholic.

When he was at a public school for a year, he learned about Islam."

I suppose you could ask him that question, if you're also willing to ask him if he's Catholic, and if so, does he support the Crusades?

Dennis said...

Well, I suppose if we were at war with the Crusaders, l'oiseau, I would certainly think that would be a good question to ask. Last I heard, the Crusades died out a long time ago, yet we are facing a very serious and dangerous Muslim enemy today.

I produced several quotes citing sources who knew young Obama who said he was definitely a Muslim. The quotes you cited don't refute that evidence, you simply igonred the evidence.

Sometimes I wish Obama supporters would just be honest and say, "We just like Obama--we don't care if he is or was a Muslim. We're not interested why a terrorist group like Hamas would support him. We don't care if he is anti-Israel. We don't care if he has close criminal connections. We don't care if he says one thing in public and another in private. We don't care if it turned out that he was just another slick-talking corrupt Chicago politician. We don't care that he attended a racist church for 20 years. We don't care if thousands of Iraqis might die when Obama pulls our troops out...In fact, we don't even want anyone investigating any of these matters because we just like Obama right or wrong.

I would at least applaud them for their honesty.

L'oiseau said...

The difference is that we think those things are about as true as Cinderella.

See, the thing is that I could make an equally long list of things about McCain that isn't true (or isn't nearly the panty-twisting debacle that opponents could make of it) but I'd rather just discuss the issues.

And it's hilariously un-funny to hear a supporter of the Iraq war talk about Iraqi lives being taken by Obama.

Brent said...

Speaking of the Iraq war, today is the 5 year anniversary of "mission accomplished". Only 95 years to go if McCain has anything to say about it!

Dennis said...


It doesn't bother me that Obama supporters don't think those things are true. What bothers me is that Obama supporters dont' seem to even WANT to know if any of those things are true or not. That's really scary for democracy.

Regarding my support for the war: I guess if I had been an Iraqi under Saddam Hussein, I would have prayed to God that some country would overthrown him...even if it meant my country would be in war and many of us would die.

And if I were an average Iraqi citizen today, I would be begging God not to let America pull out too soon, leaving thousands of us--like fish in a barrell--to be slaughtered by the radical Muslim insurgents who would accuse us of being in league with the infidels.

I've said several times before that I've never understood why Bush thought he needed to invade Iraq rather than just take out their military and supposed WMD sites.

But now that we are there, it would be unbelievabley cruel beyond description, to pull out too soon and leave ordinary Iraqi citizens at the mercy of insurgents who would, in all probability, take revenge on anyone they thought to be a Western sympathizer.

I don't understand how anyone with a conscience can support leaving innocent Iraqis at the mercy of their enemy in a war we started.

Brent said...

Interesting that you're able to lump millions of people together with one generality. Speaking for myself, I use my visits to this site to keep up on all the latest smears against Obama (thanks for the service you provide) and then research them for myself. And despite what you're led to believe by your various conservative "news" and opinion pieces, there is a lot more noise than actual fact to what they're writing.

Dennis said...


Smears against Obama? Have I missed something? Is he no longer calling for the immediate pullout of our troops from Iraq? Has he changed his position on that like he changed his position on his dear pastor?

But apart from that, you're right Brent. Hillary and Obama are actually practically perfect in every way and any attempt to say otherwise is all part of our vast right wing conspiracy. We've been trying to keep that from you but you see through us every time :-)

L'oiseau said...

Smears against Obama = he doesn't wear a flag pin, he's not Muslim "as far as we know", he and his pastor are scary black racists, he's "elite", he has links to terrorists, he controls the weather, and wrote the screenplay to "Gigli".

Ok, so I made the last two up.

He is calling for our troops to pull out of Iraq, but he is still planning on leaving some troops there for defense against Al Qaeda AND he wants to go after Al Qaeda where we should have gone in the first place: Afghanistan. If we take out Al Qaeda's strongest bases and leaders, then there won't be any organization or power to terrorize the people of Iraq. We brought Al Qaeda to Iraq in the first place by being there. Let's take them out again by leaving.

Luckily for you, you were never an Iraqi either under Hussein or during Bush's war on terror. It's hard to say how you would react to either of these scenarios without actually living them.

I'd have to say that if the "people who had to die" were your wife, sons, daughters, mother, father, etc. You might not have been so eager for this war.

Brent said...

L'oiseau hits the nail on the head, those are the types of smears I was referring to. (Except the last two, nice additions. :-)