Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Clinton, Carter and Hamas

According to Michael B. Oren, in July 2000 Bill Clinton spent nearly two weeks trying to get Israel’s Ehud Barak and the Palestinian’s Arafat to come to a peace agreement. Israel finally agreed to give away the farm: 95% of the West Bank, all of Gaza, the eastern half of Jerusalem and part of the Negev. Arafat refused (Oren, Michael B. Power, Faith and Fantasy; America in the Middle East; 1776 to the Present. New York : Norton, 2007, 579).

Palestinian leaders didn’t (and still don’t) want peace. They want to push the Jews into the Mediterranean Sea. Unless our politicians clearly understand this, we will always be at a disadvantage in negotiation.

One such totally clueless Democrat is Jimmy Carter who is now in the Middle East kissing Hamas terrorists and paying his respects to Arafat's grave!


professor ed said...

I believe President Carter is basically a good man, who has, over the years, developed a rather high opinion of his own self-worth. Maybe he is continually trying to make ammends for his botched effort as President to free the Iranian hostages. I don't know. But his trips to North Korea (as a negotiator) and his trip to Nicaragua (as an election observer) proved to be counter-productive, at best. I strongly suspect his "Nevil Chamberlain" approach to Hamas will likewise prove futile.

Dennis said...

Professor ed: I think you hit the nail on the head with the phrase "Nevil Chamberlain approach"