Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Gloria Steinem's rant

Michelle Malkin on Gloria Steinem's rant for Hillary:
The 73-year-old activist sulked about Barack Obama's ascendancy to The New
York Observer, blaming voters who "want redemption for racism" and complaining
that not "as many want redemption for the gynocide."

What does she mean by gynocide? "There are six million female lives lost in the world every year simply because they are female," Steinem asserted, making a passing reference to pregnant women killed by male partners. Presumably, she's not including the millions of unborn girls aborted around the world every year because of their gender. (Not exactly the kind of empowerment the fist-raising, bra-burning
pro-choicers had in mind.) And nothing in Steinem's record indicates that she's
thinking of the untold numbers of girls and women murdered for "honor" in the
name of Allah by Muslim relatives.
Well said.


Robert said...

The problem is, one of the worst reasons to vote for Hillary is based on her gender. I also wouldn't want Steinem on my side. The hypocrisy reeks from her concern about women being killed, but no concern over the lives of infants being taken. She also has been historically mum on the rising level of female crime which included woman on woman violence. My gut feeling is that she’d somehow blame men for forcing women to commit crimes, but that’s just me putting words in her mouth.

L'oiseau said...

These people are not feminists, they are female chauvinists and you've both hit the nail on the head. They're not good people.