Saturday, March 08, 2008

Homosexual hypocrisy

According to the Christian Newswire:
On January 28th, 2008 the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence sent out a press
advisory promoting "Sisters Saturday Night Mass." According to their release,
the San Diego Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence will present a "Leather Mass" at
Bacchus House, Saturday March 8th 2008. "The Sisters would like to invite all to
come and dance and frolic in the name of "Kink Fetish Fantasy"… [t]he Sisters
have a fun night planned for all who attend, Come dressed in your most "SINFULL"
Leather Fetish Wear. We have hot music... lots of irreverent Sister fun on
stage, and just when you're pumped up from dancing, The Sisters of Perpetual
Indulgence will present our Confessional Contest, with prizes for the "Hottest"

Homosexual activists demand tolerance and acceptance for their lifestye, and even push for hate laws to protect them from any perceived injustice. Yet many of them engage in the most disgusting anti-Christian bigotry and hate-speech imaginable (See also the Folsom Street Fair!) while the rest of the gay community (not to mention the media) is totally silent. The hypocrisy is nearly as disgusting as their hateful bigotry.

Is this what Hillary and Obama are advocating when they advocate gay rights?


Robert said...

It's fairly obvious that they're taking a stab at Catholics with their references to sisters and confession and thumbing their noses at Christians in general. That in and of itself doesn't exactly endear this group to me, but in all fairness I don't hold all homosexuals accountable for the actions of these few. However, I do believe it hurts the image of homosexuals as a whole.

What these people are doing is creating the representation that homosexuals are sexually promiscuous and furthering the idea that they’re deviants. We’re asked to be tolerant of their “alternative” lifestyle and told that they’re “just like you.” Yet, when groups act like this it’s as if they’re trying to offend others. They’re deliberately choosing to insult the devoted by taking those symbols like Mass and Confession and making them into something else; something they know is an affront to others.

So why do it? I imagine there is some cathartic value in reveling in being free to do what you like… publicly. However, freedom doesn’t mean freedom from the consequences. If you choose to publicly make an ass out of yourself, don’t be surprised when the church going say, “Gee, that guy isn’t much like me at all. Plus, he’s a raving ass.”

I imagine these actions ultimately have consequences at the ballot box.

Dennis said...


I don't hold all homosexuals accountable either, but it does concern me that no one (as far as I know) who supports a gay agenda even bothers to distance themselves from hate groups like this (not the gay lobby, not politicians who support gays, and not the media). Everyone just ignores it as if such hatred is perfectly acceptable!

L'oiseau said...

At this moment, in our churches we are allowed to preach that homosexuality is a sin. We are completely biased against homosexuality and hateful towards it (it, the sin, not they, the people). Are you suggesting that the hate should not be allowed to go both ways? It's almost as if you WANT the churches to be banned from saying what the Bible preaches! If these homosexuals are not allowed to say what they think, then we won't be either! Wouldn't both sides do better to just let things like this roll off our backs? The more we try to use PC in our favor, the more it will come back to bite us! The church is not PC, the Bible is not PC, Christ was not PC!

Dennis said...


My point was that many gay activists want to silence those who would oppose homosexuality--and yet they don't seem to mind when some homosexuals produce the most disgusting anti-Chrisian hate speech imaginable.

I'm not advocating the silencing of homosexuals. I'm trying to point out the hypocrisy of those who want to silence anti-homosexual speech, but then either produce (or stand by silently while others produce) vile anti-Christian hate speech.

The truth is that many gay activists are really not against hate speech--they are just against speech that is against them.

L'oiseau said...

I understood what you were saying, I just feel that those comments will lead to both sides being silenced rather than both sides being allowed to speak freely. Yes, they are being hypocritical, but what will the ramifications for Christians be if we push the issue?

Dennis said...


I guess I'm more concerned about the ramifications for freedom of speech and fredom of religion if we don't push the issue.

L'oiseau said...

I feel like I'm having a "blonde" moment. I don't understand how making them stop their "hate speech" toward Christians is going to help us have freedom of religion. I feel like if anything, it will hinder it. If we let them say what they want, we can point to that if they ever come after us for saying anti-homosexual things. If we berate them for it, we look like hypocrites too.