Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Fox News; fair and balanced

A study by The Center for Media and Public Affairs has found:
Fox News Channel’s coverage was more balanced toward both parties than the
broadcast networks were. On FOX, evaluations of all Democratic candidates
combined were split almost evenly – 51% positive vs. 49% negative, as were all
evaluations of GOP candidates – 49% positive vs. 51% negative, producing a
perfectly balanced 50-50 split for all candidates of both parties.

On the three broadcast networks, opinion on Democratic candidates split 47% positive vs. 53% negative, while evaluations of Republicans were more negative – 40% positive vs. 60% negative. For both parties combined, network evaluations were almost 3 to 2 negative in tone, i.e. 41% positive vs. 59% negative.

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Robert said...

No matter what the "facts" are, it's not going to convince the Fox haters. I honestly believe the national media has been so poor in their reporting that anyone not towing that line is going to look "different" or "unbalanced" comparatively.