Thursday, March 20, 2008

Child pornography and the public library

A librarian in California noticed that a patron was downloading child pornography on a library computer, which is in violation of federal law, so she called the police. The man was arrested and "A search warrant turned up thousands of images of child pornography on Chrisler's home computer. He is currently behind bars, awaiting trial" (OneNewsNow).

This librarian should get a commendation. Instead, the library fired her! When a pubic library refuses to install blocking software, and does not police it's computers, and fires a librarian who reports a child pornography crime, shouldn't the administration of that library be on trial for aiding and abetting that crime?

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professor ed said...

Gee, I am really surprised that this would go on in California--NOT! This person should definetly be rehired. As a librarian of many years, I strongly support Patron Confidentiality; but even that "sacred cow" should have limitations. Paging the ACLU. Where are you? Come in ACLU.