Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bishop E.W. Jackson

From today's Christian Newswire:
Black minister and graduate of Harvard Law School, Bishop E.W. Jackson Sr.,
has begun a campaign to make clear that Jeremiah Wright does not represent
black preachers or what is being taught in black churches across America.

Says Bishop Jackson, "This kind of virulent Anti-American bigotry is anathema to the black church experience where we focus on love, forgiveness, personal
responsibility and a healthy dose of patriotism and prayer for our country."

Kudos to Bishop Jackson!


terri said...

This comment is for Bishop E. W. Jackson.

This is the kind of nut that will ruin the black race. Anyone that would go against someone of their own race is crazy. It is because of this kind of "Steppin Fetchit" and "Uncle Tom" behavior that blacks will never move forward. Anyone willing to "buckdance" for the "good" of America is certifiable. Go somewhere and read a history book Jackson. Who made you a Bishop anyway? Probably a bunch of ignorant and subservient blacks who you "Pimp" for money every week, and promise them "pie in the sky" , while they can't afford to eat anything here on earth. That's how you are. Please stay in your cocoon, and don't come out. You're moving us back in time. Rev. Wright is just the man for the ills that plague America, unfortunately you are the "the good Negro" that will get nothing but a pat on the head from the oppressor. God's speed, Lord knows you need it.

ThinkingAhead said...

Who is this bishop? Looks like so much grandstanding to me.

miss jade said...

This man called "Bishop" need to be evaluated! He dont care for Bishop McBath nor Pat Robinson and he will tell you that. His ministry is not flourishing. He only have 10 members since 6 years ago or more. What's up with that? Check him out..

sovereignslave said...

I want to thank Bishop Jackson for the fine interview he gave on FOX News. No doubt, Mr. Jackson represents a growing number of Americans of color who are refusing to allow political correctness to define them within a political box. As a highly dedicated Christian leader, armed with a most practical combination of degrees in Divinity and Law, Bishop Jackson stands to be a political and social force that cannot be ignored. I pray his example will continue opening eyes and hearts within the self-segregated communities of Black Americans who are finding their way into the mainstream as confident and equally important members of the American community.
We are all of one race; the Human race, with equal rights under “Nature and Nature’s God. Bishop Jackson and others of his inclination are the true bearers of the hopes and dreams of Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., that we are all God’s children.
May God bless America as we enter a difficult time in our history were the atheist/statist is attempting a socialist takeover of our republic under God.
Bruce Hedrick

Bear said...

The ONLY thing that this Bishop really even tries to transcends race on is his blind hatred of various minorities. Just more human garbage trying to make money through subjugation.