Tuesday, March 11, 2008

1 in 4 with STD's

According to the Associated Press:
At least one in four teenage girls nationwide has a sexually transmitted disease, or more than 3 million teens, according to the first study of its kind in this age group.

A virus that causes cervical cancer is by far the most common sexually transmitted infection in teen girls aged 14 to 19, while the highest overall prevalence is among black girls—nearly half the blacks studied had at least one STD. That rate compared
with 20 percent among both whites and Mexican-American teens, the study from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found.
This is what those who oppose abstinence education have brought us. They will argue, of course, that abstinence education doesn't always work, but it is much better to shoot for the moon and miss, than it is to shoot for the gutter and hit it.


Robert said...

Is it just me or does that statistic seem somewhat unbelieveable?

professor ed said...

Somewhat in conjunction with Robert, I must say that ONE STUDY doth not a truth make. I am somewhat tired of "A STUDY" being accessed to support this or that. Are we so desirous of instant "knowledge" gratification that we refuse to allow additiional studies to be conducted on a principal or theory before the "media" leaps on a "new discovery". This finding of "1 in 4..." may very well be true, but I will cautiously respect this statistic more when it is supported by more than one study; no matter how scholarly that ONE study may be.

Connie Marie said...

oh lets all just bury our heads in the sand and tell ourselves that life is so very, very good

Life is so very, very good.
Life is so very, very good.

L'oiseau said...

I was taught abstinence in my public school. What schools aren't teaching abstinence as an option? (And in fact, the best option?)