Wednesday, February 27, 2008

UCC church under investigation

This morning FoxNews reported that the IRS is investigating a United Church of Christ for tax code violations because the church invited Barack Obama to speak in their church last year.

IRS interference in churches really needs to stop! As long as churches are not preaching violence (and I've never heard of one that did) the government needs to keep their hands off—even if those churches want to support (shudder) Barack Obama!

This is a matter of freedom of speech and freedom of religion. It amazes me that those on the Left who come unglued when the government wants to wire tape terrorists, are so silent when the government investigates churches simply for supporting a political candidate!


Robert said...

That really does seem wrong. I don't think Tax Exempt status should be threatened for churches when "non-profits" essentially do the same thing all the time. Look at planned parenthood for example.

The government's view of churches seems quite skewed... not freedom OF religion, but freedom FROM religion.

professor ed said...

I agree with robert. To bad the church doesn't have the resources to sue the IRS for, say, harrassment.

L'oiseau said...

I totally agree with this.

TN Conservative said...

That is why it is time to abolish the IRS! Join me in the support for the Fair Tax! That would relegate this type of government intrusion NULL and VOID without having the ability of the Federal Taxing Authority to exert force over our nation's houses of worship!

Dennis said...

tn conservative: I do support the Fair Tax. Now that would be real change! Positive change.

Unfortunately the only candidate that supports the Fair Tax (Huckabee) is all but out of the race.