Thursday, February 21, 2008

The terrorist threat

While American Leftists charge Republicans with "fear mongering" "US Military Commanders Bemoan Lack of Concern About Terror Threat." Read the story at CNSNews.


matt_norris07 said...

This is really irrelevant to this topic but I had you as a prof for new testament history at the beginning of last year and I learned so much. I've been confronted several times with all these "facts" people have from the movie zeitgeist and i watched it and it is obviously full of holes. I'm working on researching and hopefully making a video response that proves its points wrong and i'm just looking for help on that. If you haven't seen it you can watch it at it's the biggest load of crap ever but so many people my age are believing it without even thinking and it's sad. If you could get back to me my email is and sorry for posting this as a comment.

Robert said...

Matt -

Don't you know we're supposed to be criticizing the author of the blog, not complimenting him? Perhaps Matt is too young to understand how this whole Blog commenting thing works. ;)

Brent said...

There is a difference between fear mongering and recognizing/discussing real issues. Nobody has a problem with the latter.