Monday, February 11, 2008

Sex week at Yale

When I think of prestigious Ivy League schools I generally think of scholarship and research on such things as Cancer or AIDS. Imagine my surprise to discover that this week is "Sex Week" at Yale! (Michelle Malkin). The schedule includes sessions all week on topics like:

*The female orgasm

*Everything you’ve always wanted to know about sex (and sex toys)

*Seduction: How to get the girl you’ve always wanted

*The business of pornography; how Vivid (a porn company) made it mainstream

*Also includes a panel discussion with a porn company’s superstars (complete with a screening!)

This raises several questions: Wasn't the women's rights movement concerned in part about how women were portrayed as sex objects or pieces of meat? Didn't the Surgeon General of the United States once publish an extensive study demonstrating a link between hard-core pornography and violent crimes against women? Why isn't the National Organization for Women, therefore, protesting this travesty! Why do tax payers have to fund a university that promotes an industry that increases the incidences of STD's and violence against women? Why do parents continue to send their kids and hard earned money to such a place?


Brent said...

Yale is a private institution, so I'm not sure what you mean about tax money (unless you mean indirectly through scholarships or something). I found the website for this event and it's probably not my cup of tea either (although I don't really care one way or another what they do), but they do have a variety of perspectives. I found one article about why casual sex is a bad idea. It's conclusion: "Face it. Marriage is for lovers. Hooking up is for losers."

Dennis said...


Good post, and you're right, it is a private institution. I was referring to all the federal grand money and student aid they undoubtedly receive. I guess I'd prefer that money go to an institution that was not encouraging "hooking up" so blatantly.