Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sex Show at Duke

Apparently Yale is not the only Ivy League University promoting the degredation of women. Duke University recently put on a Sex Workers Art Show.
Duke has an explicit policy prohibiting strippers on campus, which was
implemented as a result of the lacrosse affair. The fact that the administration
not only allowed but paid for (University Fund and Cultural Fund) this affair on
practically the two-year anniversary of the Lacrosse Affair in which they and
the Women's Center and Women's Studies (all contributors to the event) skewered
the lacrosse team for hiring strippers, is especially extraordinary. Shockingly,
this show was far more inappropriate than the lacrosse party. The University
Fund is comprised of contributions from the President's Office, Provost's
Office, and Student Affairs (ChristianNewsWire).

I think parents and donors of these universities should began a mass revolt, transferring their kids and money to other universities! I won't hold my breath though.

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