Monday, February 18, 2008

Obama's ostrich politics

Barack Obama loves to accuse his opponents of the "politics of fear." Frankly, I think Mr. Obama is engaging in the politics of an ostrich....stick your head in the sand and hope against hope that the danger will subside and everything will be OK.

The world is too dangerous for such naiveté. Ostrich politics could get us killed!


Brent said...

I'm glad you don't feel restricted by the traditional method of providing evidence to support your opinion.

penguinn said...

DT - Now tell us what you really think of Obama? :-)
Just kidding. We need more people to speak up like you have regarding the real O. I don't think the masses truely realize who he really is and what he believes. I think one of things that bothers me the most is the facat that he lived alot of (if not most) of his growing up years over seas and had muslim training by his step-father. (I hope I have that right.) I know that he has had a strong muslim background. That makes him who he is today. There is no getting around that no matter how much rheteric comes out of his campaigning.
We're not going to need terrorists attacks. We'll be taken over from within. I'm sure glad there is Someone in control of this mess.

Robert said...

What is the real "O"? Up until now, there hasn't been much to discuss because he really hasn't committed to anything or said much.

Dennis said...

Someone on TV recently hit the nail on the head when he said that Obama's empty platitudes were like a big, blank canvas on which all his supporters project their own hopes, dreams and visions for the future (the original author said it much better than I did).

Alcamadus said...

I agree that his statements that Bush has encouraged a "politics of fear" seems pretty ungrounded.

Well, I wonder if his speeches are more just generalizations of hope and inspiration to get people on his side because they really don't know what he stands for. He definitely stands and believes in things, he obviously has plans, I've watched several interviews and debates with him online. Got to his website he tells you what he wants to do. His ad campaigns gave us tidbits of what he wants to do. He's not incompetent, he's just a good politcian who knows that the American people (maybe better put American Young People) don't want the issues, they want inspiration, and that is why he is giving it to them.

Just some thoughts anyway.

L'oiseau said...

People who say that Obama has no policies need to educate themselves.

His policies are all listed on his website.

Obama has displayed a very "un-ostrich-like" personality during the eighteen debates in this election. Most of them are on for easy re-watching if you missed them.

Since when does being Muslim make you a terrorist? Even if Obama is Muslim (which he has denied, so I feel ridiculous even talking about it) that does not mean he condones any of the threats that are being carried out by Al Quada.

I thought we had freedom of religion in this country.

Brent said...

Such a strange string of comments. Dennis has yet to provide one shred of evidence to back his assertion. Penguinn thinks Obama is some kind of Muslim manchurian candidate (L'oiseau is right - it's a ridiculous discussion topic at this point). Alcamadus is oblivious to Bush's politics of fear (tell me why the "terror alert level" warnings went away right after the 2004 election, or check out his comments about the recent FISA "controversy" which even the conservative Washington Times has dismissed - just two examples off the top of my head). And none of you have bothered to watch Obama's speeches, listen to him in the debates or check out his website (as L'oiseau points out).

I don't mean any of this as a personal attack against any of you. But you might want to at least expand the scope of your regular news sources. Don't buy the company line - from either party. Educate yourselves.

Alcamadus said...

That sounds a lot more like a conspiracy theory to me, Brent. I love how we like to make theories and conspiracies about Bush and treat them as if it's a actual fact. No, you are jumping to conclusions without factual evidence. Your bias is leading you to believe that Bush is guilty of a politics of fear. I just don't see it. Call me oblivious, I call you a conspiracy theorist. We'll leave it at that.

Brent said...

I'm a lot of things, but I'm not a conspiracy theorist. Do you ever really listen to the President speak? He mentions 9/11 and the possibility of other attacks as often as he can, even now. (Not as bad as Rudy, though, I'll admit.) What are your thoughts about his comments on the FISA issue, especially given the fact that even a conservative newspaper and think tank have come out and said what he's claiming isn't true? But it's all the Republicans have these days. I mean, even look at the blog post we're responding to (if Obama wins we're going to die). The American people are sick of it.

Dennis said...

Brent, I have to admit that you're right....many Americans are sick of it. They'd rather just stick their heads in the sand along with Obama, ignore what the radical jihadists are saying (and doing), and hope against hope that everything will turn out OK.

But along with Obama, I have hope too. I really hope the ostrich vote isn't the majority in November!

Brent said...

Once again you have failed to provide even a single example of what you are talking about with this "ostrich politics" theory. Enough said.

Brent said...

Here is just one article showing that Obama 1)does not have his head in the sand regarding terrorism and 2)has ideas (ideas that the President mocked but later used).

Dennis said...

Brent, see my November 20 post.