Thursday, February 07, 2008

J.C. Watts for Vice President

Now that McCain has the Republican nomination for President all but sewn up its time to start thinking about a Vice President. I want J.C. Watts for Vice President.

Watts is a former congressman, an ordained minister and committed Christian, a regular contributer to CNN's "Situation Room" and author of the book, What color is a Conservative? He is also, "chairman of J.C. Watts Companies, which provide services in communication, business and public affairs, and his co-chairmanship of the Coalition for AIDS Relief in Africa reflects his concern for global issues such as poverty and health" (Washington Speakers Bureau).

Watts would be a great conservative counterbalance to McCain's leftward leanings. Also, 4-8 years as Vice President would be good experience to pave the way for President Watts in 2012 or 2016.

If you agree with me, please contact John McCain and/or conservative talk show hosts like Michael Medved, Laura Ingrahm, Hugh Hewitt, and others to start a "draft J.C. Watts for Vice President" movement.


g said...

JC Watts is great, but has been out of the public eye for too long. Choosing him would seem contrived, especially if Obama wins or is on the Dem's ticket.
I recommend Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin.
Young, energetic, innovative, conservative - and may help win a few critical states for McCain.

Robert said...

Usually I say that a VP isn't going to get anyone to vote for the ticket. The VP is usually more of a liability than a benefit in many races. In this case, the VP choice could persuade people like me to hold their nose and vote for McCain.

I pray McCain understands what baggage he brings to the table and that he looks for a real conservative to run with him.

Bob McCarty Writes said...

Dennis -- Trust me. You do not want J.C. Watts as your vice president. I served as campaign manager for a Republican running against Watts during his first campaign for Oklahoma's 4th District of the U.S. House of Representatives. The opposition research we unearthed -- but did not make public to anyone other than the Watts campaign staff (and only after it was obvious he would win the GOP primary) -- completely disqualifies him from being V.P. material. Moreover, it disqualifies him from being presidential material. Trust me.

Dennis said...

Matt Barber on Townhall just suggested J.C. Watts for Vice President.

TN Conservative said...

McCain's in trouble with us TRUE conservatives. I'll vote Libertarian in Nov unless he chooses Santorum, Watts, Thompson, or Allen as his VP. I'd rather fight against a LibDem for 4 years knowing where they stand vs having a RINO that you don't know where he stands. McCain's ideas and solutions are wrong for America.

Dennis said...

TN Consevative,

If not for the Supreme Court I might even agree with you. The problem is that the next President will almost certainly nominate enough Supreme Court justices to shift the balance of the court. If Obama or Clinton become President, they will nominate judges who "interpret" (read "twist") the Constitution to fit their own social values. Voting independent is a vote for the Democrats and the result will afflict our nation for the next 50 years! Please, please don't do that to my children and grandchildren!

TN Conservative said...

Dennis ... I might agree with you but remember the gang of 14? McCain-Lieberman (a bill which envokes greenhouse caps on businesses), McCain-Feingold (an outright assault on the First amendment), McCain-Kennedy (Open Borders? When we can't even track people whom overstay their visas?).... McCain is NOT a conservative and I contend that he, like George H.W. Bush could give us another David Souter - That too is not good, excpt for the fact that the 2 rumored to likely go next are John Paul Stephens (the most liberal court member) and Ruth B. Ginsberg. Do you think that he would give us a Scalia, Thomas, Rehnquist, Roberts, or Scalia? I, unfortunately, do not.

Dennis said...

tn conservative: Unfortunately, I think you're probably right about McCain. But at least with McCain we have a small chance that he would be influenced by conservatives or that his appointees would at least be moderate.

With Hilary or Obama there is no doubt in my mind that we will get more Ginsbergs and Stephens. The very thought is terrifying.

Bob McCarty Writes said...

Dennis -- One more thing: Please update my link in your blogroll. Bob McCarty Writes can now be found at now