Monday, February 25, 2008

Hillary Clinton

I hate to agree with Hillary but I think she's got Obama pegged!


Alcamadus said...

And Obama would agree too.

I think this illusion that Obama is that naive is ridiculous. There are several of interviews with Obama where he states over and over that its going to be hard and a difficult road and something that we'll have to work for.

I think its hilarious that presidents, or presidential candidates aren't supposed to have inspiring speeches to rally his supporters all of a sudden. When FDR was campaigning for president he was attractive to everyone because he was charismatic and hopeful. He brought hope a nation that was neck deep in depression. Shame on him for trying to inspire a nation to work together! Shame on you Obama for being inspiring! Who do you think you are? I mean, there is a time to speak the issues and there is a time to be inspiring, and that is why some of Obama's speeches aren't chalk full of the issues. I am sure there are several other reasons as well.

When it comes to the issues, I agree more with McCain. But I admire Obama's ability to inspire. I think that's an admirable quality and could lead to some really good things.

L'oiseau said...

Shows how much you really know about Obama, his speeches, and his policies. If you don't care to find the facts, then please don't care to say anything about him.