Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Tornado at Union University

At least 57 tornados touched down in the south last night. The death toll so far is more than 30.

Union University in Jackson Tennessee was hit. The damage is extensive. Two dorms were completely destroyed. Several students were seriously injured and taken to the hospital but reports are that they will be OK. About 1,800 students are basically homeless. They slept in local churches and homes.

They could use our prayers.

The "Thinking Christianly" blog has a picture of the dorm damage. See also the Jackson Sun

UPDATE: Fox News just interviewed a couple of Union U. Students. One of actually saw the tornado which he described as a little larger than a medium sized tornado. He was in class when it hit.

UPDATE2: According to an e-mail I just received, out of 1,200 cars on campus, fewer than 100 escaped damage.

UPDATE3: There is now an official emergency web site for Union University.

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