Thursday, February 07, 2008

Breaking: Romeny's out

Mitt Romney just announced that he is leaving the presidential race.


Robert said...

...thus ensuring my vote goes to a third party.

Dennis said...

Robert, please say its not so!!! A vote for a third party is a vote for Hillary or Obama!

Robert said...

I will not vote for John McCain. He has consistently introduced left-wing legislation and sabotaged the efforts of his conservative counterparts. For years conservatives have complained about Republicans like McCain who play lip service to the conservative cause of lower taxes, less government, sanctity of life, strong military, and strengthening our borders. McCain has done just about everything he can to jeopardize those.

It’s funny, when we asked for McCain’s support for things like the tax cut, he echoed the call of the Democrats. He claimed it was a “tax cut for the rich” while ignoring the fact that in order to get a tax cut, you have to pay taxes. Instead, he was in favor of wealth redistribution schemes and temporary rebates instead of formalizing permanent reductions. Like President Bush, he was all for expanding his favorite government programs and expanding entitlements. So when he asks for my support, I wonder where his has been for the past decade.

Bush has been a very moderate President. Despite the fact that he’s universally hated by leftists, Bush did many things that hurt the conservative cause. Bush expanded the role of the government, increased its intrusiveness, failed to advance any of the privatization of social security or school choice, increased the amount of Federal interference at the state level, increased federal spending, and brought in tons of “big government” types into his administration. Like McCain, he was in favor of amnesty this past summer. Worse yet, Bush did get into the process of “nation building” he vowed to avoid in 1999 and failed to provide an “exit strategy”. Bush hasn’t governed as a conservative; he’s governed as a moderate with a few conservative ideas.

McCain is left of Bush. Bush has been very destructive to the Republican Party bringing in elements that support more and more government. Bush’s legislation was seldom opposed by other Republicans because they were towing the party line. The Democrats would frequently oppose it just because it was Bush. In McCain’s case, he has a history of voting with Democrats. He talks about working with them, but in reality it’s giving in to them. When leftists talk about compromise, it’s always our side doing the compromising. It’s never whether or not we should do something; it’s how much we’re going to do something.

With a leftist like McCain in office, it’s unlikely the Republicans would fight their own president on legislation. Democrats would be happy to support his more left-wing agenda. So who would provide the opposition to the continued erosion of the conservative principles? At least with a Democrat as President, we might have Republicans fight leftist legislation. Additionally, we might have a shot at getting the white house back in 2012. Otherwise, we could expect another leftist President in 2012 when McCain runs again or some hand picked replacement.

If conservatives continue to tow the party line, we’ll let ourselves be marginalized. If we support anything the party does because they might throw us a scrap from their table, don’t be surprised when all they throw is scraps. If you look what the Democrats have done for the “black cause”, you can see the future of conservatism in the party. They’ll rally to our cause to get our vote and then do nothing to advance it. It becomes just a slogan to get elected.

We either make our stand and make our voices heard or support a guy and a party who’ll sell us up the river just to look better in the eyes of the media and the Democrats. If you stick your finger in the air to find out which way the wind is blowing, don’t be surprised when that wind turns on you.

Dennis said...


I agree that there are a LOT of negatives to a McCain presidency. But the next president is likely to appoint to or three (maybe more) Supreme Court justices.

With McCain we at least have a chance that he will appoint people who actually interpret what the Constitution says rather than making it fit their own social agendas. We KNOW what kind of judges both Hillary and Obama would appoint.

The damage Hillary or Obama would do to America through their Supreme Court appointments will have lasting and dramatic affects on my children and grand children for the next 50 years!