Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Barack Obama's votes

Behind all the rhetoric there really is some substance behind Barack Obama. For example,
"ABC News sent Terry Moran to Springfield, the capital of Illinois, to explore
Barack Obama’s record as a state Senator and, deep in his Monday story on World
News, Moran acknowledged a reality rarely mentioned in network campaign

"Obama was...considered a reliable liberal Democratic vote in
Illinois, voting for most gun control measures, opposing efforts to ban
so-called “partial birth abortions,” and supporting hundreds of tax increases."

"Moran's recognition of Obama's liberal ideology aired just a day after Cokie
Roberts, in the roundtable on Sunday's This Week on ABC…contended that the
Illinois Senator, “oddly enough given the rhetoric, has not reached across the
aisle and worked with people in the other party to get things done…”"

"…Obama voted not for or against but "present" on 129 bills, including a bill to
ban sex shops and strip clubs near schools, churches, and day-care centers, and
a bill to allow juveniles who committed a crime with a gun near a school to be
tried as adults." (NewsBusters).

This is certainly not the kind of substance I want in a President.


Brent said...

I've noticed a pattern on this blog, so I did a little checking. By my count, of the posts on the first page (dating back to mid-January) there are about 17 posts casting Clinton and/or Obama in a negative light, and only two praising any Republican candidates. Why not try to convince us to vote for your guy by telling us why he's better, rather than slinging whatever you can find about Clinton/Obama against the wall and hoping something sticks?

L'oiseau said...

Do you know what voting "present" is?

Robert said...

Brent -

I'd say that he's having trouble pointing to a candidate that is worth anything today. There isn't a single candidate with a chance of making it that I want. Barack is a hard left socialist who (if elected) will succeed in further damaging the economy and reducing our standard of living. McCain is a self-aggrandizing power seeker who likely will seek those things which will bring him personal attention and glory.

Neither of these two candidates are worthy of support.

Dennis said...

Robert is right. I am only a McCain supporter because he is the best of the hand we've been delt, not because I think he would be a great candidate (and for the record, I felt the same way about George W. Bush).

l'oiseau: voting present is one way of having the record show that you were there, while avoiding being on the record for supporting or rejecting various issues. There will always be issues that congresspeople are not very knowledgable about, or do not really care about, so occasionally voting present is no problem. But the number of times Obama voted "present," and the significance of some of the issues for which he would not take a stand, make me think that he is simply trying to avoid issues that might come back to bite him in his lust for power. I could be wrong.

Brent: unlike FoxNews I make no effort to be "fair and balanced." I just pick news articles that, for whatever reason, stand out to me or press my buttons and I comment on them.

I like to make people think which is why 1) my posts are often deliberately provocative, and 2) I appreciate my readers who give good, thoughtful responses regardless of whether they agree with me or not.

Brent said...

"Brent: unlike FoxNews I make no effort to be "fair and balanced." "

Thanks for the laugh!