Saturday, February 09, 2008

Barack Obama and Jeremiah Wright

John Perazzo has written an excellent article on Barack Obama’s spiritual mentor in FrontPage. It is truly terrifying that so many people are being sucked in by Obama’s magnetic personality and powerful (though empty) rhetoric. Please read the entire article when you have a chance but in the mean time, a few excerpts appear below:

…there is one man who threatens to undermine Obama's appealing narrative as a
man above the ugly quarrels and divisive partisanship of the past: his longtime
pastor and spiritual adviser, Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Because he has been a revered figure in the life of presidential aspirant Barack Obama for two decades, Wright's political views, which he commonly draws from the tenets of liberation theology, are worthy of some scrutinyWright detects what he views as racism in virtually every facet of American life….

Notwithstanding Wright's implication that the harsh anti-crack penalties were instituted by racist legislators for the purpose of incarcerating as many blacks as possible, the Congressional Record shows that…In 1986, when the strict, federal anti-crack legislation was being debated, the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC)—deeply concerned about the degree to which crack was decimating the black community—strongly supported the legislation and actually pressed for even harsher penalties. Remarkably, no mention of jihad…managed to find its way into Wright's analysis.

Rather, he assured us that the 9/11 atrocities were ultimately traceable to the doorstep of U.S. provocations.

Apart from America's purported racism, Wright also despises the nation's capitalist economic structure, viewing it as a breeding ground for all manner of injustice.

This view is entirely consistent with Rev. Wright's devotion to the tenets of liberation theology, which is essentially Marxism dressed up as Christianity….An extension of this paradigm is black liberation theology, which seeks to foment a similar Marxist revolutionary fervor founded on racial rather than class solidarity.Many of Wright's condemnations of America are echoed in his denunciations of Israel and Zionism, which he has blamed for imposing "injustice and … racism" on the Palestinians.

…he reserves some of his deepest respect for the virulently anti-American, anti-Semitic Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan. Wright's paean to Farrakhan was parroted in the November/December issue of TUCC's bimonthly magazine, the Trumpet…"Because of the Minister's influence in the African American community," the Trumpet announced that it was honoring him with an "Empowerment Award" as a "fitting tribute for a storied life well lived."This seems an odd distinction to confer
upon someone whose anti-American, anti-white, anti-Semitic statements are
numerous. For example, in 1996 Farrakhan told a Tehran newspaper that God would "bestow upon Muslims" the honor of "destroy[ing] America."

On a 1984 trip to meet with the Libyan dictator (and America's arch enemy) Muammar Qadhafi, Farrakhan was accompanied by none other than Jeremiah A. Wright.American voters ought to have more than a passing interest in the fact that when Barack Obama formally joined TUCC in 1991, he tacitly accepted this same
Jeremiah Wright as a spiritual mentor.


Steve said...

One thing voters have shown in this election is that they are tired of the kind of smear tactics that you seem to specialize in because you don't have anything intelligent to say about the issues.

Brent said...

Obama has denounced Farrakhan, and the Anti-Defamation League released a statement praising his comments. Also, several prominent Jewish organizations have released a joint statement decrying smear tactics such as these against Obama (see this link).

Also, I guess you just never got around to criticizing Mitt Romney for belonging to a religion which believes that black people have dark skin due to "a curse upon them because of their transgression and their rebellion" (Book of Mormon, Alma 3:6 link). I'm sure you would have gotten around to it eventually, right?

jazzycat said...

Well that settles it if Obama has released a statement.....

Here's a clue to follow. Watch what people do rather than what they say. If he Obama is comfortable in Wright's church, then it speaks much more than releasing a statement about Farrakhan.

Smear tactics! Oh yes we should not mention Obama's position on issues and his conection with radicals, because that is smear tactics and we know the democrats would never do that......

Brent said...

jazzycat, if the ADL and other Jewish organizations (who have not endorsed any candidate) are comfortable with him, why shouldn't I be? If you don't think Obama will be a good president, fine, but let's not play the guilt-by-association game. You can play that with any candidate. See my comments about Romeny above, or consider Huckabee. Not only is he associated with a televangelist being investigated by Congress, Kenneth Copeland, but Huckabee is defending him in the midst of this investigation in which he refuses to cooperate. If you want to play guilt-by-association that's your choice, but remember it can come back to bite the candidate(s) you like too.

Dennis said...

Steve and Brent,

If ANY republican candidate had been associated with a white supremacist church for 20 years in which the pastor had spoken glowingly of someone like David Duke, do you honestly think the main stream media or Democrats would let him off the hook just becaue he issued a statement of denial?

Do you really think a statement of denial should be enough?

Brent said...

It's not a statement of "denial", but a statement of disagreement. I don't think it's possible to belong to any organization in which you agree with everything that's said.

And my question about why you don't apply these standards to Republican candidates stands (although the answer is obvious).

Dennis said...


If you're looking for me to defend Romney and the Mormon Church you've come to the wrong place. I still think the Mormon Church is a cult.

I'm not any more excited about defending Kenneth Copeland. From what little I know of him, he is one of these "health, wealth and prosperity" preachers and I think that is heresy. But he hasn't been found guilty of anything (yet) so I think your condemnation of Huckabee for assuming someone to be innocent until proven guilty is a bit premature.

Frankly, I'm not all that excited about Huckabee either. While I agree with him on most social issues, I think his understanding of foreign affairs may be lacking and I'm not sure this is the time for on-the-job training in foreign affairs (On the other hand, Obama's understanding of foreign affairs makes Huckabee look like an expert!)

Dennis said...

And by the way, I agree with Jazzycat, "Watch what people do rather than what they say. If he Obama is comfortable in Wright's church, then it speaks much more than releasing a statement about Farrakhan."

Sometimes there IS guilt by association. If someone belongs to the KKK, for example, I don't want him for president! From everything I've read about Obama's church and pastor, they're not much better than a non-violent version of the KKK (at least they are non-violent, I'll give them that much).

White supremacy, black supremacy or any other kind of racism is absolutly, fundamentally contradictory to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.If the pastor of a church I was attending praised a white supremacist even once, I would be looking for a new church the next day!

Obama stayed at this church for 20 years!!! That's not guilt by association. That's just plain guilt.

jazzycat said...

Amen Dennis.

Anonymous said...

The media, who post these subjects just sit back and have a field day laughing at the responses. More often than not the responses are not even reviewed. The media usually make up their own comments/responses and read them giving a fictitious name. The whole purpose is to manipulate the public, which is the real reason they get paid. Not to report the news and inform the public. So all of you who buy into this crap need to stop wasting your time!!! THE WORLD AND THE BEAT GOES ON. Do you think your opinion really matters?

Dennis said...


In the words of Barack Obama, "words matter." If you didn't believe that, why did you bother to post your comment?