Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Another sex workers art show

Another prestigeous university, Willilam and Mary has a sex workers art show:
Last year, Gene Nichol, president of the College of William & Mary,
said he wanted to make the school's chapel more welcoming to non-Christians, so
he removed the cross and stored it in a closet. The cross was returned after a
strong public outcry. Recently, President Nichol allowed a censored version of
what is known as the "Sex Workers' Art Show." That show featured monologues and
performances by strippers, homosexual prostitutes, and other sex workers. Nichol
said free-speech issues trumped any objections to the show. This marks the third
year the show has been held at the school (OneNewsNow).

Parents, this is what you get for your donations and hard earned tuition at some schools. In this case, though, the president of William and Mary has just resigned after being notified that his contract would not be renewed. We can only hope that the trustees of Duke and Yale take notice.

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