Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Obama funding terrorists?

According to an article published yesterday in WND Barack Obama did fundraising for a Palestinian camp with ties to terrorism:
Obama's 1999 fundraising for the Palestinian Deheisha camp raised the
eyebrows of one senior Israeli security official who was contacted yesterday for
comment on the issue. The official, who was not aware of Obama's fundraising,
noted Deheisha, which is located near the city of Bethlehem, had a "very active"
Palestinian terror apparatus in 1999, carrying out scores of deadly shootings
against Israeli civilians that year.

Two of the most deadly suicide bombings in 2002 also were planned from Deheisha, where the suicide bombers originated, said the security official. On one such bombing, in March of that year, 11 people were killed and over 50 injured, four critically when a Deheisha bomber detonated his explosives next to a group of Jewish women waiting with their baby carriages for their husbands to leave a nearby synagogue.
Read the entire article at WND.

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