Saturday, November 10, 2007

Planting questions

Just recently FEMA was exposed for conducting a phony press conference. Hillary must have liked the idea because, according to this mornings' news reports, her aides were recently discovered planting questions among Iowa students and then pointing out to Hillary which students to call on.

I thought FEMA's phony press confernece was a disgrace. My position is the same regarding Hillary's planted questions. My question to Democrats who criticized FEMA is this: Are you willing to apply the same standard to Hillary?


Steve said...

Hillary has AIDS? Now you have gone too far, Dennis, trying to spread a rumor like that. Do you have any proof?

I was looking for your post denouncing the many events where Bush answered planted questions and could not find it. Since I know you are not a partisan hack, I sure you must have written a post about that.

Dennis said...

Ooops. I left out the "e". Should have been "aides", not "aids." I made the correction.

You're irrational hatred toward me--or the fact that you really don't read what I write--really comes out in your response. Any intelligent person who read my post would see that I made a spelling error and was not charging Hillary of having AIDS. Or do you really think the disease AIDS could be planting questions?

Regardless of whether FEMA does it, or Hillary does it or George Bush does it, I think the practice of planting questions is deceptive and ought to be exposed. Don't you?

professor ed said...

I am delighted to see Hillary's well oiled machine have a mis-fire once in a while. I agree that the "spirit" of an open townhall discussion is violated when questions are NOT FREELY offered. A set up is a set up, regardless of whether its done by FEMA Hillary, etc. I guess husband Bill, along with other members of this well-heeled organization goofed.
And Steve: uncontrolled vitriolic behavior does not become an educated discussion.