Thursday, November 01, 2007

Paul Addis and the church

According to the San Jose MercuryNews:
San Francisco prosecutors have charged Paul Addis with three felonies and
two misdemeanors for allegedly planning to set fire to the city's historic Grace
Cathedral. Besides attempted arson, Addis faces charges of possessing explosives
and incendiary devices, removing required markings from an imitation firearm and
violating a court order. Addis was out on bail in the Burning Man case when
police say he was found with an ammunition belt of small explosives outside the
Episcopal church late Sunday.
This happened in San Francisco last Sunday and so far the only one who appears to have covered it is Bill O'Reilly (It's even hard to find much about it on the internet!). If Paul Addis had been a Christian attempting to set fire to an abortion clinic you can bet that it would be the leading story on every news outlet in the country. If Paul Addis had been a Muslim, his attempt would have been called terrorism.


professor ed said...

Alas, a large part of our electronic and hard copy media, consider this a case of "dog bites mand, rather than man bites dog". Not a good sign for the long term treatment of Christianity in the "Judeo-Christian" based nation.

Dennis said...

Ed, I think you are exactly right. Unfortunately, some who want to ignore injustices like this prove that they are really not concerned about the injustice or discrimination per se, they are just concerned about injustice and discrimination against their group or the group they support.

Like those--black and white--who rightfull complain about the terrible injustice of American slavery over 150 years ago, and yet they are so deafeningly silent when it comes to the slavery in Africa and the Middle East taking place today!

Or those who scream "censorship" every time a parent raises concern about an inappropriate children's book in a school library, but who say absolutely nothing when the entire faculty of a state university (Ohio State) condemns a librarian for recommending a conservative book.

Or those who fight so hard for separation of church and state when it comes to Christianity and State, yet look the other way when the state spends thousands to install Muslim prayer rooms or foot baths or allows the promotion of Islam in schools.

Or like thsoe who seem so terribly concerned about the health of women when it comes to back alley abortions, but want to pass an abortion bill outlawing the regulation of abortion clinics even though women have died in those clinics.

Or like those who (rightly) attacked the Catholic Church for the sexual abuses in their schools, but who pretty much look the other way when it comes to the even greater problem of sexual abuse in public schools.

Or like those who agree with the Supreme Court in siding with Madelene Murray O'Hare decision prohibiting prayer in public schools on the ruse that one poor child should not have to be exposed to someone else's religion, and yet many of the same people support the involuntary indoctrination of millions of children into various atheist and Leftist social agendas promoted by public schools.

Or those who were so quick to condemn as racist, people like the Duke athletes, and yet don't say a word when an entire University (in Delaware) pronounces that ALL white people are racists and forces students into this indoctrination (stopped only after Right wing protests).

Or like those who are so quick to scream about hate speach and "homophobia," but yet completely ignore the anti-Christian hate-fest at the Folsom Street Fair.

Wow, I could go on and one but I guess I have to stop somewhere. The point is that many on the Left really don't seem to care about discrimination and injustice, they just use that as a club to beat others into submission in order to promote their own fascist social agendas.