Saturday, November 10, 2007

Hospitals in Africa

Recently a well known atheist published a book on "how religion poisons everything." On the other hand, according to a recent article:

The world’s largest medical missions conference opened Thursday, welcoming
an estimated 3,000 people interested in ministering through

Christians from throughout the world converged in Louisville, Ky., for the 12th Global Missions Health Conference to network, train and strategise on how to better carry out the Great Commission and recruit the next generation of healthcare missionaries.

“Considering that 40 percent of hospital beds in Africa are located in mission facilities, there is a tremendous need for medical missionaries to provide care in that HIV and war ravaged continent,” said Dr. David Stevens, CEO of Christian Medical & Dental Associations. (emphasis mine).

Think about that for a minute. If all Christians suddenly decided that this atheist author was right, and abandoned their faith and their ministries, rougnly 40% of the hospitals on an entire continent would shut down!

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