Friday, November 02, 2007

The girls' locker room

According to CNSNews, "Council lawmakers in Maryland's Montgomery County are considering a proposal to give transgendered people protected status under law.

According to Michelle Turner, the director of a local parent's group, "They are saying, 'If you are a man but you feel like a woman, then even if you still have male genitalia, you would have access to restrooms and locker rooms and showers used by women and girls."

Great news for guys in Maryland's high schools and colleges! If this bill passes, all you have to do to gain unlimited access to the girls locker room is to put on a little makeup. When I was in high school, I think some guys would have cut off their right arm to have access to the girl's locker room!

Meanwhile, in Calilfornia, "students at Adams Middle School in Brentwood were encouraged to dress like the opposite sex during the last day of the school's 'spirit week" (OneNewsNow).

Welcome to a glimpse of the future of America if American's elect a Democratic president and congress in 2008.

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