Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Education is the answer

In the Democratic debate last week Senator Chris Dodd responded to a question about education saying,

"I've been asked the question over the years, 'What's the single most important issue?' I always say education because it is the answer to every other problem we confront as a people here."

For an excellent response to this nonsense, see Dennis Prager’s excellent article on TownHall. I would say that Senator Dodd needs a better education.

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professor ed said...

While I certainly do not remotely consider myself in Senator Dodd's political sphere, I do NOT totally agree with the town hall blurb. Yes, of course, terminal degrees may have influenced "terminal actions" on the part of some pretty horrible folk, but that is because they chose to use their degrees of knowledge to the detriment of mankind, instead of its benefit. Think of the educated folk who have discovered cures for diseases, written documents for democratic governance, etc. I tend to agree with the Senator that education is the answer to all of our problems, if the proper education fits the proper problem. It students are taught critical thinking skills, coupled with the proper way to evaluate sources, and tools of research, then, and only then, will they be less likely to succumb to the tempations of a Hitler or Stalin. This goal can be achieved in a 2-year setting, a 4-year setting, or, if desired, a post-graduate setting, as well. But only an educated population can act as a deterrent to the political sheep mentality, and thus insure democratic regimes where ever the populace is fit to have one.