Thursday, November 15, 2007

Driver's licenses for illegals

In the news tonight: While there is a big controversy in America about whether to provide drivers licenses to illegal aliens, there is no such controversy in Mexico. All of the states in Mexico require proof of legal residency in order to obtain a driver's license.

So while the Mexican government is pressuring the U.S. to provide drivers licenses to illegal Mexican immigrants, Mexico does not provide driver's licenses to illegals in their country.

Do you suppose there will be protests by the American Left over Mexico's policy? Don't count on it. The Left only seems to be interested in bashing America.


Robert said...

Mexico has a serious problem with poverty and the various financial classes. Unlike our system, there is very little mobility between the financial classes in Mexico. Consequently, the Mexican government has been almost ecouraging of illegal immigration to the United States because it helps to prop up their failing class system. We're artificially keeping it afloat and that's not something they want to change. As a result, the Mexican authorities are always trying to pressure us about our laws.

professor ed said...

Gee, we better not rub Mexico the wrong way. They might decide to take their oil and join the Chavez camp.