Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A train in Spain

Back in 2004 terrorists bombed a train in Spain killing 191 people. Spain does not believe in the death penalty--not even if you kill 191 people--but they have other ways of getting "justice." The terrorists were recently given a sentence of 38,000 years in prison! Aren't you glad they weren't just given life in prison? A life sentence might have been less than 50 years.

I don't think it is "just" for mass murderers to get to lay around and watch TV for the rest of their lives at taxpayer expense.


Robert said...

It seems to me that martyring them and giving these guys an easy out to their 70 virgins is a much more preferable method for them. In my opinion, it's better to let them go to jail forever where they can rot away in their cells, forgotten, ignored, and deprived of the "easy out".

Empirical Feline said...

Do you pay taxes in Spain?

Phil said...

A: You make a valid point Robert, however you might be surprised how "not forgotten" these people are. Now, granted I don't work in a Spanish Prison, I do work in an American Federal Prison. I know that such inmates tend to not be "forgotten and ignored" at all. Many times the incite religious oriented violence IN the prison and gain even more notoriaty. There are many groups of people in prison, especially angry ones. These people are CONSTANTLY in search of a source of meaning and purpose and when they find someone who can give them that "purpose" AND and "out" for their anger (i.e. someone to blame and therefore a place to take out their anger), they feed right into it. Inmates transfer to the street (not the original perpetrators necessarily) who have learned this violence and further bring their message to others on the streets. Inmates transfer facilities adn bring their ideals as well. In this way the perpetrators gain even more notoriaty. I understand your thoughts Robert, but it typically does not turn out how you would think. Given the European nature, it really would not surprise me if Spanish prisons are even more "loose" than American prisons which might (key word might) give rise to even MORE "freedom" for these terrorists to spread their propoganda.

Besides, they're going to be in for a real surprise when they find out their 70 virgins are all gay males.

Oh, and nice total red herring Feline... very nice.