Monday, October 01, 2007

Tolerance, Democrat style

In a recent debate Democratic candidates John Edwards, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were told about some parents in Massachusetts who were outraged when they learned that a story promoting same-sex marriage had been read to their second-grade children in school. When asked if they would be comfortable if this story was part of their children’s curriculum, Edwards said, "Yes, absolutely." Obama agreed and Clinton said, “I really respect what both John and Barack said."

The question is, do Hillary or her colleagues respect the views of the enormous number of Americans who feel so strongly that same-sex behavior is wrong? The answer is no! Make no mistake about it, for all their hot air about tolerance, the Left cares only about tolerance for the positions they support.

In the Massachusetts case, if the Left really believed in tolerance, they would be saying that because Americans have such strongly divided positions on this issue, students should not be taught that one view is right and the other is wrong. Instead, students should be taught that the beauty of America is that we have the freedom to disagree, but that we should respect the rights of people to hold views different than ours, and we should not attempt to hurt them, either by violence, or by calling them offensive names like “fag” or “homophobe.”

The truth, however, is that tolerance is only a ruse used by the Left to impose their agenda on everyone else. The Left doesn’t want tolerance in the public schools. They want the state to use the public school system to forcibly indoctrinate children to accept the Left’s view that homosexual behavior is right, and that anyone who disagrees with them is a bigoted, hateful, homophobe.

This is not tolerance. It is the beginning of a journey toward fascism.


Jon Swift said...

I agree that viewpoints held a large numbers of Americans must be respected in our schools. It certainly is intolerant to ignore the viewpoints of racist Americans or of anti-Semitic Americans, for example.

Does anyone still read this blog besides me and Robert?

Dennis said...

Well, Jon, as long as you're still reading them, I'll keep writing.

professor ed said...

Yes Jon, some in addition to you and Robert read, and occaionally even respond, to this fine Blog.