Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sex with pupils

SALT LAKE CITY, Oct. 11 /Christian
/ -- A male homosexual was the teacher most apt to have sex with his
pupils in a study encompassing 7 countries. Overall, 43% of teachers who made
the news for having sex with their pupils over the last 27 years engaged in
homosexuality. Homosexual teachers violated 1,925 (56%) of the 3,457
pupil-victims. Women were 11% of perpetrators, but a heterosexual female teacher
was least apt to have sex with pupils. Lexis-Nexis was searched from 1980
through 2006 uncovering 902 teachers who had sex with pupils. Teachers who
engaged in homosexuality constituted 63% of perpetrators in Ireland, 62% in New
Zealand, 60% in Canada, 54% in Scotland, 48% in Australia, 47% in England, and
35% in the U.S.

This is particularly significant because the homosexual population in these countries is undoubtedly much less than 35-63%. If 35-63% of the sex-with-pupils cases in public schools were perpretrated by Catholics, for example, I suspect that it would be national news.

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