Monday, October 22, 2007

Media ignores pro-family event

According to the Christian Newswire
"Yesterday, thousands of New Jersey citizens showed up on the Capitol steps
in Trenton to show their support for marriage between one man and one woman.
"Mainstream media" in New Jersey, Philadelphia and New York were notified of the
marriage event, hosted by the New Jersey Family Policy Council, yet not one
member of the press showed up. When the press were contacted by phone for
confirmation that someone would attend the event to cover it, callers were met
with hostility about the subject matter by many members of the press."

If a couple dozen gay marriage supporters had been protesting, you can bet that it not only would have been on the evening news, but would have been filmed in such a way as to make it look like a big crowd.

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Robert said...

Sometimes the media has a very obvious agenda. On April 14, 2007 the "Tax Cut Coalition" managed to get 7,000 people to rally at the state Capitol. It was one of the largest rallies in two decades.

Two things happened:

1) Despite having taken out the permits, renting equipment (from the state), and setting their date well within the advance, the state provided another permit to another group for the same space at the same time. The Group? The Global Warming climate change protestors. This is significant because this climate change group was opposing the tax cut group in that they wanted taxes raised to "...combat global warming."

2) Then the local media covering the event chose to focus more attention on the global warming group. This camp barely scraped together 100 people, yet it was given most of the coverage.

I suppose this could be expected, but what happened later wasn't. The local media who had provided the tax cut group superficial coverage, now reported wildly inaccurate numbers in their stories. Kare11 reported "dozens" of protestors, while KSTP floated “hundreds”. The final numbers for the tax cut coalition was right around 7,000. How do you suppose that the media could have been that off? Well, perhaps it was because they would take video footage of the tax cut coalition and then label it, “Global Warming Protest on Capitol Hill”.

WCCO was notified of the error, but failed to correct it. Finally, a complaint was made against WCCO to the Minnesota News Council (a local media advisory group) which voted almost unanimously to uphold the complaint that WCCO had misrepresented the tax cut rally attendees. However, the deed had already been done. By the time the correction was made and WCCO admonished, it was old news and everyone had seen what had appeared to be huge global warming protest on TV. The tax cut rally was barely given the time of day. Not surprisingly, the local media didn’t cover the complaint or the result of the complaint.

So getting back to the “pro-family” event, it’s not surprising that it isn’t getting much attention. The media covers what it wants, when it wants, and how it wants. Fairness is not part of their agenda and expecting differently is an exercise is futility.