Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Thompson leads!

According to the Rasmussen polls, Fred Thompson has pulled ahead of all other GOP presidential candidates, replacing Rudolf Giuliani. Thompson came in at 26%, followed by Giuliani at 22%, Romney at 13% and McCain at 12% (Rasmussen Reports).


Robert said...

I've always been surprised that Guiliani has done as well as he has with the core Republican voters. Though, considering that Bush got our support in 2000, I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

Although Bush talked the "limited government, personal responsibility, low tax, strong defense, and faith" platform, he's turned out to be very moderate on many issues and down right leftist on others. The hatred he generates from the far left gives the impression that he's more rightwing than he really is. He's very much a moderate.

Guiliani is cut from very similar cloth. His socially liberal views will come into conflict with his "fiscal conservatism". This sort of conflict is felt within the Republican party. Thompson may be a way out for disaffected conservatives who would chose any "conservative" over the moderates we've gotten (The Bush's, Sr/Jr).

Thompson may be in the right place at the right time, but there is a long ways to go yet before he can breathe a sigh of relief from the oval office. In the mean time, I expect to see him beat the drum of core conservative values. We'll have to watch very closely to see if he really believes them though.

Dennis said...

Robert, one example of concern is his position on same-sex marriage. As I understand it, his position is, "let the states decide."

I usually agree with that position on many issues but in the case of re-defining marriage, I think there needs to be a consitutional amendment defining marriage as between a man and woman.

On the other hand, Thompson is for a Constitutional amendment that would ensure that states do not have to accept the same sex marriages approved by other states. It may be easier to pass an amendment like this.

professor ed said...

I agree that Thompson is probably the "conservative" crusader that Republicans like myself have been seeking. HOWEVER, I am not ready to jump on this bandwagon yet. I, too, want to see: 1. more about where Thompson stands on various hot button issues (Iraq War, Abortion, Imigration, Gay Marriage, PATRIOT Act etc.) as well as lesser "hot" issues (flat tax, government funding/reform of higher education, Ten Commandments displays, etc)