Sunday, September 30, 2007

Muslim slave trade

Not long ago Dhimmi Watch posted an excellent article on Muslim slave trade. A quote appears below:
The Arab slave trade was stamped out only by the outside, Christian powers,
first by using force. Great Britain through naval power managed in the 19th
century to end the Arab slave trade in blacks seized and brought to Arabia,
though they did not manage to end the practice of slavery by the Muslim Arabs.
The French did the same where their writ ran in North Africa.


Jon Swift said...

Is there anything bad that Muslims are not responsible and that Christians are not blameless for? I wonder who those terrible Muslims sold the slaves to? Probably the Jews.

Robert said...

I bet it was democrats or leftists. After all, they were the ones trying to main the segregationist policies of the south.

Dennis said...

They sold them to other Muslims, Jon.

I knew you were a Cynic, but I didn't peg you for an ant-Semitic racist too.

Phil said...

Though I know a few years late, I cannot help but point out here that, actually it was democrats in the South who wanted slavery and Republicans who were against it and it WAS actually Democrats who continued to support segregationist policies in the South and who continued to promote racism. It was Democrats who, in their official bills that they tried to pass, refered to black people as "Niggers" (again, in their official proposed bills) all the way through the 50's and 60's.

Just sayin'