Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hillary on torture

According to New York Daily News, "Sen. Hillary Clinton scored with a Democratic audience last night by contradicting her husband's belief that a terrorist could be tortured to foil an imminent plot - but what observers didn't know is she was contradicting herself, too."

Sounds like she may have been for torture before she was against it. Read the article at New York Daily News.


Robert said...

This is not surprising or new. I can accept that Mrs. Clinton has changed positions on some things. People change, ideas change, and life experience cause us to grow and change. Frankly, it'd be surprising if Mrs. Clinton never wavered on any issue.

BUT (I know you all saw this coming)...

Mrs. Clinton has a history of saying things to play to her audience and to score points with people. She's one of the original "finger in the air to test the wind" people. She makes John Kerry seem steadfast and determined. I believe she’s every bit the liar her husband is, but without the charisma. Mrs. Clinton is a not a leader, she’s a woman drawn to power. Her sitting in the Whitehouse could be one of the worst things that we could do for our country. Her history of pushing nationalized healthcare and socialist agenda will cause no shortage of problems for everyone regardless of whether they’re rich or poor. She’ll do it just as she is today; by telling people what they want to hear regardless of the consequences.

Mrs. Clinton is using the same tired ideas that have forever plagued humanity. She wants an all power government that lords over us and runs even the minutia of our daily lives. She believes that an elite few are smarter and therefore need to protect the specialized rights of a few. It’s very telling that this crop of candidates talk only about restrictions, obligations, and new laws to force someone to do something. They never talk about letting people go about their lives unfettered by an omnipresent government. Mrs. Clinton and her ilk are only interested in an all-powerful government that they control.

This is why ANYONE, Democrat or Republican alike, that pushes for a more expansive or powerful government should be dismissed as a candidate for President immediately.

Jon Swift said...

After this I think no Christian can vote for her. If Pontius Pilate hadn't tortured Jesus there would be no Christianity. All Christians need to stand up in favor of torture as you have.

Dennis said...

Well, Jon, I know you'd rather see a million innocent people incinerated than to torture one known terrorist who could prevent it, but I must admit that I think Bill Clinton was right on this one.

Robert said...

Next Jon will be suggesting we sell children as food for the rich. :o