Thursday, September 13, 2007

Hillary Clinton and Norman Hsu

Michelle Malkin has an excellent post on the ongoing investigations into Hillary Clinton and Norman HSU. In a nutshell, Hillary is going to give back some $850,000 in campaign funds raised by convicted criminal Hsu, but the Hillary campaign is then going to ask the donors to give the money back to the Clinton campaign.

But, as someone comments, "if Hsu cuts John Doe a check for $100,000 and asks him to spread it around among Democrats A-Z, then giving that money back to John so that he can give it right back to you doesn’t “cleanse” it. It’s Hsu’s money; John never should have had it in the first place." The question is then raised, "Why not at least wait until the DOJ investigation of Hsu’s bundled donations is over so you know which donors are clean and which aren’t?"

Michelle's answer: "Because they don't care."

Then, someone else asks how it was possible for Hillary Clinton to not know that Norman Hsu was a convicted criminal since she is under Secret Service protection and the Secret Service would do a very thorough background check on anyone who might come in contact with the protectees. So was the Secret Service ordered to back off from Norman Hsu?

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