Thursday, September 06, 2007

Fred's In!

What we've expected for quite some time has now become official. Fred Thompson will be our next, Fred Thompson has announced his candidacy for President (See Hot Air for the video).

I actually like Mike Huckabee better, I'm not optimistic about his chances.

"Government that is big enough to do anything for us, is big enough to do anything to us" (Fred Thompson).


Robert said...

What is it specifically that you like about Fred? I'm not certain that he's really presented much of a case of why someone should vote for him... yet.

John said...

Good question Robert. While I've found stories about his laziness and phony truck gimmick humerous, I'm not sure why anyone at this point wants to vote for him. (Although he did say awhile back that he'd do "lots of things" if elected, so I guess that's a pretty good case. :)

Dennis said...

Well, lets, see....he's
1. Not Barak Obama
2. Not Hillary Clinton
3. Not John Edwards
4. Not Rudy Guiliani
5. Not John McCain
6. I'm afraid Mitt Romney can't beat Hillary...I think Fred can. Fred doesn't have the Mormon liability that Romney has
7. I don't think Huckabee has a chance
8. Fred doesn't waffle about the war
9. Fred would not take us down the road to socialism or socialized medicine
10. Fred is pro-life
11. Fred is experienced in politics, law and government: a U.S. Senator with legal and national security experience
12. I trust him to deal strongly with the terror threat
13. Fred would stand against the re-definition of marriage
14. Fred would appoint judges who interpret law rather than creating new laws.
15. Fred believes that government that is powerful enough to do everything for us is powerful enough to do anything to other words, less government is better.
16. Fred doesn't have a reputation of being extreme right (I dont' think someone on the far right is electable).
17. I think Fred and Rudolf are the only only ones who can possibly beat Hillary and I don't like Rudolf (although he's much better than Hillary)

Hows that for a start.

Dennis said...

I forgot to mention his position on illegal immigration: we should enforce our laws!

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