Sunday, September 30, 2007

FISA and Democrats

Imagine that you are working for the CIA or NSA trying to prevent the next terrorist attack on the U.S. You are monitoring an internet conversation between a known terrorist leader in Pakistan and another one in Saudi Arabia who are just beginning to provide details of an imminent WMD attack on America. Suddenly, it is brought to your attention that the electrons from this internet conversation pass through a server in the U.S.

If I understand correctly, under current law all monitoring has to stop immediately until our agents get proper authorization—just because the electrons went through an America server!

I agree that some provisions of the Patriot Act went too far, and I want to protect the privacy of American citizens as much as anyone, but the idea that our intelligence agencies should have to get a court order to monitor terrorists on foreign soil, just because their conversations are routed through the U.S. is just plain stupid! (Go to Hot Air and click on the video).

Republicans are desperately trying to get these stupid, suicidal laws updated and Democrats are fighting it at every turn. With the right leadership, I’m sure America can survive the terrorists. I’m not sure we can survive having Democrats in control of both the White House and Congress. Too many of them just don’t get it.

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